The Email-Marketing Aristotle?

“I am indebted to my father for living, but to my teacher for living well”. ~ Alexander The Great


Now, I dunno who got you into this game of email-marketing, but…

…let me tell you this:

I’m hell-bent on being the teacher YOU credit for doing it well.

By “well” I mean: making mucho bucks with your promotional emails.

Hey listen…

Did you know that one of Alexander The Great’s most influential teachers was Aristotle?

Yes, it’s true.

Alexander The Great took what he’d learnt at the feet of Aristotle and went on to conquer the world (literally).

Listen my little marketing crony, if you wanna go out and conquer the marketplace and take your share, then you must master email-marketing.

Email marketing is the most efficient and powerful weapon you have at your disposal.

How well you wield this weapon of mass influence and persuasion will determine how much market-share you take.

Let me ask you this:

If Aristotle was alive today, what do you think you his advice would be to email marketers who are trying to persuade their subscribers to buy their product or service?

Well, we don’t need to guess my friend, because I can tell you exactly what Aristotle would say.

He would say exactly what he said to folks 2,400 years ago when they asked him how they could become more persuasive.

And that is this:

To use the three points of persuasion:

Ethos (credibility)

Pathos (emotion)

Logos (intellect/logic)

You see, human nature never changes, therefore, neither do the elements that cause people to be persuaded and influenced.

And they way humans are influenced and persuaded are by the three elements Aristotle called: “The 3 points of persuasion”.

BTW, don’t think you can persuade someone with just 1 or 2 of the 3 points of persuasion.

That’s like trying to sit on a three legged stool that has a missing leg.

So, make sure you’re packin’ all 3 “persuasion points” in all your emails and, well, you’ll start taking market share like Alexander The Great took pieces of land.

Okay, class dismissed.

You know, when it comes to email-marketing, I think I may just be the modern day Aristotle.

Maybe I should change my name to: The Aristotle Of Email Marketing, eh?

Nah, it’s much more fun being the Maverick.

I can get away with more that way.

Talk soon.

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