Another Profit-Pounding Lesson From The Maverick

Did you read my last email?

I hope so.

It was a real humdinger.

In that email, I gave 5 brain-dead simple steps that will be sure to boost your sales.

If you don’t hunt down that email and implement those 5 steps, you’re nuts.

OK, enough about the wonderfulness of my last email; let’s get to today’s message.

Let’s roll.

Today, I’m gonna expand on handling objections in your sales copy.

You see, a sales message that leaves any objections unanswered is an incomplete, and impotent sales message.

When an objection raises its ugly head, you must swiftly crush its skull.

Now, would you like to see an example of objection crushing sales copy?

Very well then.

The following example is from the late Joe Karbo who wrote the famous Lazy Man’s Way To Riches book back in the early 70’s. The book disclosed Joe’s methods of direct marketing. The following excerpt is from his advertorial which sold his book.

Basically, Joe’s sales pitch was this: I became a millionaire using a secret method and I’ll show you (if you buy my book) how you can do it too.

Naturally, this type of pitch will immediately raise a ton of objections.

Pay close attention to how Joe masterfully knocks every objection right on the head. He leaves no objection unanswered.

Check it out:

We have stocks, bonds, investments, cash in the bank. But the most important thing I have is priceless: time with my family. And I’ll show you just how I did it – The Lazy Man’s Way – a  secret that I’ve shared with just a few friends ’til now.

It doesn’t require education. I’m a high school graduate.

It doesn’t require capital. When I started out, I was so deep in debt that a lawyer friend advised bankruptcy as the only way out. He was wrong. We paid off our debts, and outside of the mortgage, don’t owe a cent to any man.

It doesn’t require luck. I’ve had more than my share, but I’m not promising you that you’ll make as much money as I have.

And you may do better. I personally know one man who used these principles, worked hard, and made 11 million dollars in 8 years.

But money isn’t everything.

It doesn’t require talent. Just enough brains to know what to look for. And I’ll tell you that.

It doesn’t require youth. One woman I worked with was over 70. She’s traveled the world over, making all the money she needs, doing only what I taught her.

It doesn’t require experience. A widow in Chicago has been averaging $25,000 a year for the past 5 years, using my methods.

What does it require? Belief. Enough to take a chance. Enough to absorb what I’ll send you. Enough to put the principles into action.

You likey?

Now listen, having unanswered objections in your sales message is like having holes in a bucket. You’ll be continually losing sales.

The lesson here is simple:

If ya wanna make more sales, answer more objections.

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