How To Start And End a Promotional Email Using The Late Great Bill Hicks’ Philosophy On Comedy

“Good comedy helps people know they’re not alone. Great comedy provides an answer”. ~ Bill Hicks


Kelvin’s Elucidation:

You wanna start your emails “good”, and then end ’em “great”.

Yeah, yeah…I’ll explain:

By starting off “good”, I mean this:

You want to get in sync with your subscribers.

Let them know you understand them.

Ever spoken to someone who’s going through a similar problem as you?

I bet you have, and I bet you were all ears, too. People love to listen to others who “get them” or understand what they’re going through.

It makes them feel like they’re not alone.

And this is “good”.

But it’s not “great”.

Here’s how you finish off your emails “great”:

Understand this:

Your subscribers have subscribed to you because they’re interested in your service or product.

Let me be even clear:

They have a problem that your product or service can solve.

Your subscribers are looking for answers.


….Provide them!

Tell me, does your product or service provide an answer?

Then why on earth are you not letting your subscribers know about it?

If your product or service provides your prospects with a solution to their problem, you’re doing them no favors holding it back.

You know, most biz owners are so timid and shy about promoting their products, their emails sounds more like an apology than a sales-pitch.

Look, if you wanna fatten your business  profits with email, then you gotta promote your wares like Kim Kardashian promotes her patootie –  shamelessly, audaciously and all the time.

Any promotional email that ends with a big-ass sales-pitch is a great email.

So there you go….I’ve just given you the template to the perfect promotional email – “from good to great”.

Yep, thems the rules.

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Kelvin Dorsey ~ Email Marketing Maverick