Discount Shmiscount And My Boy Jimmy

Today, I wanna take a moment to talk about my subscribers.

My subscribers come from all walks of life.

Some are very successful business owners.

Some are down and out.

Some have an online business.

Some have an offline business.

Some are very intelligent.

Some are flat-out dummies.

All in all, I have a pretty cool bunch of subscribers.

Well anyhoo…

Recently I had a subscriber tell me how very much he wanted to buy my Email Playbook, but due to his financial shituation, he couldn’t afford it. He said he was a student, and asked me if I could give him a student discount. (He’s not the first)

I told him I don’t do discounts, and that I priced my Playbook at a price that, I believe, is fair.

The price of My Playbook is currently $167, and, I believe it is a fair price for what it delivers.

However, a customer who recently bought my Playbook strongly disagrees.

And, he let me know about it, too!

Below is this customer’s ‘no holds barred’ opinion on the pricing of my Playbook.

Check it out:

Hey Kelvin.

Love your Playbook so far. So glad I snatched my copy up…  this manifesto is like lightning to the other gou-roo’s match light, only better!

I think you should raise the price way up to $779 and have a three-payment plan option at $297 each. It’s that good!




Jim – who’s a top gun salesman for Honda in Florida – thinks my Playbook is hugely underpriced.

Fancy that eh.

I dunno, maybe I’m the sucker here. Perhaps I should be getting sales lessons from a car salesman like Jim.


Look, if you’re ready to put your sales into overdrive, and you have the coin, you should jump on this: The Maverick’s Playbook




Kelvin Email Marketing Maverick

P.S. You wanna know something I find curious? Of all the subscribers who have purchased my Playbook, most of them, like Jim, were already successful salespeople. I believe they are successful because they are willing to invest in themselves.

P.S.S You know, there’s no such thing as a free lunch, and there’s sure as hell no such thing as a discounted Email Maverick’s Playbook.