Email Marketing Should Not Be a Blood Sport



“Anybody can jump a motorcycle, the trouble begins when you try to land it.” ~ Evel Knievel


And so it is with email marketing…

Anybody can write a promotional email, the trouble begins when you try to get paying customers.


When it comes to email marketing (or any type of promotion or advertising, for that matter), biz folks are like a stuntman who’s scared of heights. Everything becomes harder than it should because they keep second guessing themselves.


If you are trying to land more paying customers but keep crashing and burning, I suggest you stop doing it that way.

You know, email marketing doesn’t have to be the scary activity most people make it out to be.

You don’t have to end a bruised, bloodied and battered.


Forget that mess.

Listen, landing more customers is a LOT easier than you think.

There are but few principles and tricks you need to know.

If you want to learn what those few principles and tricks are and start landing more customers, then jump over here: Email Playbook To Doubling Your Sales

How did I learn these (very) profitable principles and tricks that turn subscribers into happy paying customers?

Well, there are two ways I learned them.

(1) By a sickening amount of study.

(2) By crashing and burning more times than I’d like to admit.

Do I regret going through all that?


Not at all. You see, if you are going to become a leader or a teacher of something, you’d better pay your dues, Bubba.

There are no shortcuts to becoming an expert. If you want to become great at something, trust me, you’re gonna have your fair share of sh*t sandwiches served up to you along the way.

And because I wanted to become the damn best email marketer on God’s green earth, I willingly munched down every sh*t sandwich.


You say you don’t have the time to go through all that? You say you’re flat out running your business and all you want is an easy guide to follow that will make you more customers? You don’t wanna be an expert, you just want more sales?

Well, that’s why I created my Playbook, silly.

It’s for busy folks who want results now and don’t care about being the best email marketer in the world.

In other words, you’re happy to get good results now instead of toiling for years and years to (potentially) get great results later.

If that’s you, I don’t blame you.

I hate it how I insist on doing things the hard way.

Look, you can start getting good results now by getting your hands on my Playbook, or you can be a masochist (like myself) and take years to work it all out for yourself and hope to God you have what it takes to make moolah with email marketing.

It’s up to you.

The bottom line:

If you want to be an expert, a guru, a leader with this stuff, perhaps you should pass up buying my Playbook.

But if you don’t care for all that “guru stuff” and just wanna increase your business profits, I suggest you grab my Playbook.


P.S. Hey, when you sit down to write a promotional email, what is your biggest obstacle or challenge? Hit reply to this email and let me know, would you? Doing this will be a win/win. I will know exactly what to write about, and you will get to read about what you want to read about.

So don’t be lazy. Hit reply and speaketh.

I’m out.



Email Marketing Maverick