The Maverick's "Email Playbook" To Doubling Your Sales...No Matter What You Sell

"I don't care if you're selling sticks of gum or million dollar properties...
..This Playbook has within it the secrets to (at least) double your current results."

Dear friend and subscriber,

Let me start off with an observation:

Most email marketing exp-hurts are completely clueless about how to make sales with email.

They are like the guy who knows 365 sexual positions...

But Can't Get a Date on Friday Night!

And it's no wonder.

I mean, have you read some of those email marketing books?

They cover everything but the one thing that really matters - Salesmanship.

Look, let me make something very clear:

With email marketing, if 100 equals success, then...

99.9% of That Success is Getting The Sale.

That's right, it's getting your subscribers to take the action you want them to take - and have them love doing it!

Whether that means hiring your services, buying your product, or showing up at your store.

Now listen:

Do Not Buy This Playbook If:

You're wanting to know which email service provider to use, how to setup an autoresponder, what email segmentation is, how to set up email analytics and tracking or what email design to use.

Look, you can easily find the answers to those questions with a quick Google search.

You see, the REAL question you should be asking yourself is this:

How Can I Sell My Product or Service With Email?

And that, my friend, is exactly what I answer in this Playbook

I'm going to reveal everything I know about how to write profit making emails.

Including, all my special "dirty tricks" (some are brain dead simple, some will stretch you)

Yup, I truly spill the beans.

I give you my exact methodology, written in plain English, in a step-by-step manner.

I hold nothing back.

And, I guarantee 99% of your competition are completely oblivious to the secrets revealed in this playbook.

I don't share these secrets in any of my books, or emails or on my website.

Now, if you go to my Amazon Author page, you can read all the rave reviews from folks who say that I give a ton of value away in my books.

But truth be told:

What I give away in my books is just the tip (10%) of the iceberg. This Playbook reveals the ice mountain (90%) that's hidden underwater .

But enough already.

I bet you just wanna know what's inside this Playbook, right?

Well, Here's Just a Few of The Uncensored
Money- Making-Secrets Unleashed Inside:

  • The 5 qualities that will make you (and your emails) influential, persuasive and charismatic. (People subconsciously seek out these qualities in others. If you display just one or two of these qualities, you'll be incredibly persuasive - but all five...people become putty in your hands!)
  • How to avoid sounding like your competition and becoming a "me too" business. (Do this and you'll NEVER have to compete on price or rely on sales techniques or tricks.)
  • Ernest Hemingway's secret to winning over readers
  • 12 absolutely essential "marketing and sales" principles you must know before you attempt to sell anything to anyone. (These 12 marketing secrets will put you light-years ahead of the average business owner who claims advertising doesn't work.)
  • Abraham Lincoln's secret to winning someone to your way of thinking. (And how to apply this secret to all your emails.)
  • The "Trojan horse" method for blatantly pitching your product or service and have your subscribers thank you for it! (This is hands down the best way to deliver your sales pitch.)
  • A proven "copywriting secret" that turns a subscriber's "mild interest" in your product or service into a white-hot fever pitch!
  • A clever way to come up with witty, clever and humorous sayings. (This is the closest thing you will ever have to possessing an actual rapier-like wit. Just follow the steps provided inside and...voila!)
  • The incredible "marketing secret" of a man who lost his mind and committed murder in a New York bar. (How the competing New York newspapers covered this tragic news story reveals one of the most powerful marketing lessons ever.)
  • A proven (and powerful) way to get subscribers who, at first, don't give a crap about you or your product or service, to care very much!
  • "Sales secrets" from one of the world's most recognized and successful negotiators. This man coached negotiations worth billions for multinationals, governments and world leaders. (Inside, I give you a transcript of this man's most insightful interview he ever gave. This is gold!)
  • Little-known ways to write subject lines and email copy that's "neurologically impossible" to ignore.
  • A surprisingly simple (and sneaky) way to plant ideas in your subscriber's minds so subtly they'll think they came up with the ideas themselves.
  • Warren Buffet's simple (but powerful) "persuasion secret" he uses in nearly all his monthly Berkshire Shareholder newsletters. (If you struggle to get your subscribers to believe all your claims and promises, simply do this...)
  • Exact word-for-word samples of sales letters that dragged in millions, and how to adapt them to your unique situation. (I seriously thought about selling this little swipe file separately. Maybe I will one day. The point is: It's incredibly valuable.)
  • The little-known "beers at a bar" sales pitch.

BEWARE: This Playbook contains some of the most unconventional marketing secrets you will ever see.

I'm gonna make you question everything you've ever heard about email marketing "best practices."

Yup, make no mistake, some of these secrets will rattle you.

Some of them will leave you shaking your head in disbelief.

In fact, some of them are downright volatile.

But hey, that's why they work so damn well.

Here's Some More Invaluable Secrets Contained Inside
This Playbook:

    • How to get your subscribers to see you as a friend and not a money-grubbing-marketer.
    • A scientifically proven way to activate your reader's whole brain. (Fact: most information is processed using one part of the brain - the Broca's area. However, there's a way to present information which triggers multiple areas of the reader's brain. Here's how...)
    • The idiotic mistake most email marketers make with their email copy. (If you make this blunder, well, what can I're dead in the water!)
    • Claude Hopkin's secret to making your product claims 100% believable.
    • The simple "Goldilocks and The Three Bears" test. (If you pass this test, then you have a HUGE advantage over others when it comes to selling.)
    • A proven "persuasion technique" used by the greatest con artists of all time such as Charles Ponzi and Frank Abagnale. (And how to use it ethically in your promotional emails.)
    • The "cuddle hormone" secret to getting your subscribers to really like you. (Writing emails this way actually causes your reader's brain to release a surge of oxytocin. This is the chemical released when people snuggle up or bond socially or even playing with their pet dog. Full scoop inside.)
    • The deadly (yet common) mistake marketers make with their emails which turn off subscribers and almost guarantees they never buy from you.
    • The "persuasion secret" of a criminal defense attorney who hasn't lost a civil case since 1969. (Yes, you read that correctly. And once you learn this secret you'll never try and persuade someone any other way.)
    • How to instantly double the potency and impact of your email copy. (I know, that sounds like hyperbole, but trust me, it ain't. Just follow this one piece of advice and...well, you'll see for yourself.)
    • Why I study old English
    • The Ray Kroc method for marketing a business - applied directly to email.
    • A little-known (and incredibly effective) way to advertise a service business.
    • How to tap a little quirk in human-nature for maximum sales.
    • How to start an email. (Plus a ton of intro examples)
    • How to write the body copy of a promotional email (Plus, plenty of body copy examples.)
    • How to plug your product or service in your emails. (Yup, with lots of examples inside.)
    • A little-known comedy formula anyone can use to become instantly funnier.
    • A dirty little copywriting formula I use for coming up with attention-getting squeeze page headlines that suck up email addresses like a souped-up Kirby vacuum cleaner.
    • Why you should totally ignore almost everything your English teachers taught you about writing.
    • The astonishingly powerful copywriting secret of a hugely obese man named Bob who couldn't stop eating. (This little tale contains one of the single most powerful sales secrets ever discovered. Use it in your emails and watch your sales take off.)
    • A proven way to become someone of high influence. (When you start marketing this way, your subscribers will see you in a whole new light. Yes, some will even put you on a pedestal!)
    • What Betty Crocker, Steve Irwin, and Roger Federer have in common. (And how you can use this insight to really pile up the profits in your business.)
    • Does your mind go to porridge when you sit down to write? (Then simply do this one thing and you'll suddenly have boundless creative energy.)
    • How to inject humor into your emails even if you have the personality of Elma Fudd and your idea of funny is a "knock knock" joke.
    • Dead set against using humor in your emails? No problem. Here's what to do instead...)
    • How a New York-based advertising agency - now one of the largest in the world - cleverly promoted their agency which dragged in a staggering amount of top paying clients. (And how YOU can directly apply this clever way to your email marketing.)


    So you've probably read through some bullets and you've realized I'm not kidding when I say this Playbook is NOT conventional.

    Yes, indeed, this Playbook doesn't just bend the conventional email marketing rules - it smashes them into a million pieces.


    There is one thing I would NEVER treat lightly or ever mess with.

    And that one thing is this:

    Proven Sales and Marketing Principles

    These, I treat with the utmost respect and hold in the highest of regard.

    In fact, I treat them like an Orthodox Jew treats the Torah.

    You know, if there's one thing that's brought me the most success with email marketing, it has been this:

    Religiously studying and applying the proven sales and marketing principles, and totally ignoring (with very few exceptions) what every other email marketer is doing - especially the "exp-hurts."

    Which reminds me what the great Earl Nightingale once said:

    "If you don't have a good model for success, just look at what everybody else is doing and do the opposite."


    If you're a stickler for the rules, and the idea of not dotting your i's and crossing your t's make your hands sweat, your mouth dry up and your heart rate to speed up, then this Playbook's probably not for YOU.

    On the other hand, if you DO have the stomach to let go of your old ways and try a new way, perhaps YOU should keep reading.

    I guess it comes down to asking yourself this question:

    "Am I happy with my current email marketing results?"

    Still undecided?

    Maybe the next lot of bullets will help you decide:

    • How to write with personality, even if you have the charisma of a wet mop and can barely write a shopping list.
    • The #1 most important skill you should learn to become an effective email marketer. (And no, it's not copywriting.)
    • Fact: Reality TV is a staple of American television. (Reality TV has the uncanny ability to hook its audience through voyeurism and thus, creating hardcore fans. I'll show you how to exploit the Reality TV phenomena in your emails and parlay it into wildly profitable emails.)
    • Why you're 100x's better off studying the world's best trial room lawyers and the pastors of megachurches than you are all those internet marketing gurus.
    • The amazing story of Otis Elevators. Little-known fact: Founder, Elisha Otis made a fortune selling his elevators at a time (1854) when the general public was terrified of using lifts. (Every other elevator company struggled while Elisha sold his elevators like they were hotcakes. Here's how he overcame the public's objections and how you can employ the same tactic to overcome your prospect's objections. Powerful stuff.)
    • When to use hard-hitting sales copy, and when it's a BIG No No!
    • How to stop writing in a way that bores your subscribers into a coma.
    • A scientifically proven way to make your communication (and your emails) more memorable and easier to understand. (Studies have found that students who have lecturers who teach in "this way", achieve higher test scores than students who attend the same lectures but aren't taught in this certain way.)
    • The single best way to kill off your subscriber's skepticism and cynicism. (Make no mistake, a skeptical subscriber will NOT buy. That's why I consider this secret to be the most valuable of all the secrets contained in this Playbook.)
    • An UGLY truth: Nowadays, email addresses are harder to get than ever. (Here's how you can get prospects to happily give you theirs - no matter how dead against it they were at first. Works for any business or industry, too.)
    • The 6-letter word that triggers sales.
    • PLUS, my exclusive Subject Line Swipe File with commentary.
    • "Comedy writing secrets" from a comedian who many consider to be one of the all-time great stand-up comedians. This comedian was huge in the 90's. Personally, I think his stand up delivery is...meh. But his writing is simply brilliant. Well anyway, I break down his comedy writing secrets and show you how to apply them to your emails.)
    • What Aristotle rated as one of the most powerful tools of persuasion ever invented. (His answer will surprise you.)
    • The-attention-getting secret of a Dallas flight attendant who revolutionized the way her airline company delivered their pre-take-off safety announcement. (And how you can sneak it in your emails to skyrocket your reader's engagement.)
    • How offline businesses can use an empty fish bowl to jack up their profits. (Full story inside)
    • The secret to getting your subscribers emotionally involved with your product or service. (This one's HUGE. Once you know how to do this, selling becomes monkey-simple.)
    • My step-by-step guide to coming up with content ideas your subscribers will love reading.
    • How to instantly get your subscribers love you and eagerly anticipate your emails like they do their favorite TV show's new episode.
    • Eye-opening advice from a man dubbed "the world's greatest living copywriter" (This one piece of advice changed my whole approach to marketing, and I bet it will your too. In today's highly skeptical world, this is "must know" advice.)

    A heads up:

    I have taken a "go for the jugular" approach with this Playbook.

    In other words:

    There's no filler or banal email marketing trite or "mickey mouse" sales cliches.

    In fact, I challenge you to find even a skerrick of fluff inside.

    Look, if you're someone who likes to skip the small talk and get down to the nitty gritty, you're gonna love this.

    Yup, it's all meat and potatoes without the fancy salads and horderves.

    This Playbook is raw, stripped back and reveals only...

    ...The Cold-Hard-Naked-Truth About
    What it Really Takes to Write Profitable Emails.

    I've not tried to be cute or clever (like I do in my emails) with this Playbook. 

    I've wasted no words in getting across to you the very secrets that will boost your business profits the fastest and most powerful way humanly possible.

    That said, this Playbook is anything but light on.

    There's a TON of "marketing and sales" gold to be mined.

    Like the Following:

    • How listening to Johnny Cash songs can make you a more effective email marketer.
    • The children's book every marketer should read.
    • The "sales secret" of the greatest book salesman who has ever lived. (This man sold hundreds of millions of his books back in the 1920's. Here's how you can directly apply his secret to help sell your product or service.)
    • The "astonishing discovery" of a Columbia University neuroscientist. (And how to exploit it in all your emails to dramatically goose up readership. Doing this actually changes your reader's physiology.)
    • Why being too slick or professional cripples your sales. (Especially if you offer a professional service or you're a high profile professional.)
    • How to profit handsomely from embarrassing and unfortunate events in your life. (This is putting the old "turning lemons into lemonade" on steroids!)
    • How to simultaneously scare off deadbeat subscribers and attract the creme de la creme subscribers.
    • The single most powerful way to build credibility with your subscribers. (This is so easy to do, yet hardly anyone does this.)
    • A "certain way" of writing emails that will kill your readership and ultimately your sales - and what you should do instead. (I highly recommend you avoid writing in this way at all costs. This advice totally flies in the face of conventional wisdom and will make you nervous, but if you're brave enough to try it, you'll start to see your readership and sales start to soar.)
    • The "persuasion secret" of a legendary American Broadcaster.
    • PLUS, examples of world class sales copy that "preframes" a prospect to buy. (When you write sales copy this way, you can do away with all those fancy NLP and copywriting tricks the gurus harp on about - you won't need 'em!)
    • Little-known humor writing templates. (Yes, it's as easy as filling in the gaps.)
    • A way to sell a TON of products (or services) even if you have zero sales and marketing training or knowledge. (Sure, getting sales training is good, but compared to selling this way, it's a far inferior way.)
    • Benjamin Franklin's secret to getting people to do what you want them to do - and love doing it!
    • An amazing discovery made by a Princeton University scientist that every marketer should know about. (And how to exploit it for maximum sales.)
    • A little-known way to elicit the complete cooperation of your subscribers. (They won't even know why they feel so obliged to follow all your request. (No, it's nothing to do with "reciprocity" or any of that nonsense.)

    "Whether You're Online, Offline or On The Sidelines, This Playbook Has You Covered"

    It matters not if you're a lawyer, car mechanic, hair stylist, blogger, internet marketer or a realtor.
    This Playbook is a road-map, a blueprint, a formula for doubling your business profits for both "brick and mortar" and "click and order" alike.

    Like I said earlier....

    You will not find the information inside this Playbook in any other Marketing gurus books, videos or webinars, (especially in regard to email marketing).

    That's because the secret's contained inside this Playbook come from outside the online marketing/email marketing industry. (More about that in a moment.)

    You know, the email marketing/internet marketing industry would have to be the most incestuous industry on the planet. You see, most email marketers and online educators are just regurgitating the same old stuff (i.e. tricks and tactics that only fool suckers) they were taught by other online marketers.

    That stuff (there's no better word to describe it) may work on folks who don't know any better, but if you're running a legitimate business and looking for quality prospects who have money to buy your product or service, then you must find a better way.

    (Enter The Maverick's Playbook.)

    You see, there are two very REAL problems with what's being taught about email marketing (or sales and marketing in general, for that matter) these days.

    (1) Much of what is being taught about email marketing nowadays simply doesn't work anymore. The general public are fed up with advertising and now hate marketers with the fire of a thousand suns.

    If a prospect so much as gets a whiff of you trying to sell them, there goneski.

    A new approach is needed.

    An approach that doesn't scare off your subscribers, but instead, turns them into lifelong customers who happily pay you, time and time again.

    This Playbook is that new approach.


    (2) There's a Grand Canyon sized oversight with what's being taught on email marketing.

    And that oversight is this:

    Not realizing that email marketing should be based on proven principles rather than tricks and tactics - BIG diffrence, my friend.

    And those proven principles must be based on Psychology, Influence, Persuasion and Salesmanship.

    I call this "Pips".

    You may not want pips in your fruit, but let me tell you, in your want mucho pips!

    But do you know what I've realised?

    When it comes to psychology, influence, persuasion and salesmanship...

    ...Online marketers are about as clueless
    as a senior citizen with an iPad!

    And that's exactly why I have gone outside the industry to glean secrets from...

    The World's Most Charismatic, Persuasive and Influential Men and Women

    I have studied the world's most successful screenwriters to see how they use themes and dialogue to grab and keep the audience's attention - crucial for email marketing.

    I have analyzed movie and TV scripts to gain insider secrets into storytelling.

    I have watched and studied the world's most successful trial room lawyers craft stories to persuade a jury to their way of thinking.

    I have studies the world's greatest comedians and observed how they win over drunk and rowdy (even hostile) crowds to the point where they have the crowd eating out of their hand.

    I have observed political and religious leaders indoctrinate their followers and attract new converts through storytelling.

    I have gleaned insights into human-nature from Nobel Prize winners, Novelists, musicians, psychologists and neuroscientists.

    I then began experimenting with these secrets by sneaking them into my emails.

    And by golly, it worked.

    I mean REALLY worked.

    I started getting real attention.

    And not just any old "attention".


    I'm talking about favorable "attention" - BIG difference.

    And the more I applied these secrets in my emails, the more attention I got.

    Which all resulted in getting more opens, more readership and ultimately...


    Look, I can't stress that point enough.

    At the risk of sounding completely redundant, I'll say it again.

    The more I ignored email marketing "best practices" and implemented these secrets from the world's most charismatic, persuasive and influential people, the more success I gained.

    And I'm offering you these exact secrets on a silver platter in the form of a Playbook.

     Here's Another Sneak Peak of The
    Secrets Revealed Inside:


    • The "profound insight" of a famous French novelist into human-nature that I exploit in all my emails to maximize my readership and sales. (Now you can, too.)
    • Why being the absolute best in your industry is totally overrated and no guarantee of success. (And, the reason why "just ok", or even "very average" professionals go on to make an absolute fortune.)
    • How to stay top-of-mind in your customer's minds to the point where they don't even consider taking their business someplace else.
    • 3 CRITICAL questions you must ask yourself before you send a single email. (Not knowing the answer to these 3 questions is a major reason why so many business owners write, generic, vapid emails void of any personality that get deleted at first sight by their subscribers. But YOURS won't if you take the time to answer these 3 questions.)
    • The single most important element in any marketing campaign. (If you screw this part up, nothing works!)
    • What libraries and movie theatres can teach you about human nature. (And how to exploit this insight in all your emails. Doing this will goose your readership and your sales, without a doubt.)
    • A secret to writing subject lines and headlines that will get your market's greed glands secreting like crazy!
    • What I stole from Talk Show hosts such as Dave Letterman, Jay Leno and Ellen DeGeneres that I use in all my emails.
    • Golden advice from the late great David Ogilvy that will glue your subscriber's eyes to your emails from top to bottom. (This advice turned my business around. Yup, all my emails are now based on this diabolically clever advice.)
    • The truth about selling information. (People don't really want information. No, when people say they want information, here's what they REALLY mean - see answer inside)
    • The "Henry David Thoreau" insight every marketer should know. (This little-known insight into human beings will give you a HUGE advantage over other marketers who are completely oblivious to this truth.)
    • My #1 rule for deciding what to say and what NOT to say in all my emails. (Following this rule will instantly make your emails more entertaining for your subscribers.)
    • What "DM" is, and how learning it can be your greatest advantage over your competitors who don't. (Once you start applying it to your emails, you'll see a dramatic difference in response.)
    • A clever way to sneak your sales pitch right past your subscriber's defenses. (Do it this way and they won't feel like they're being pitched at - yet they are! Please use this ethically.)
    • An elite trial lawyer's secret to persuading a jury to his way of thinking. (This is extremely powerful and easily applied to email.)
    • How to make sales by writing emails about, well, pretty much nothing.. (Who says you need to give valuable information away? My emails that have made the most sales were emails where I was just goofing off! I call these "water cooler" emails. Here's how to write them...)
    • The single most powerful persuasion secret ever invented; used by the world's most successful trial lawyers, salesman, religious leaders and con artists. (People are "hard wired" to be persuaded this way. Here's how you can use it in your promotional emails.)
    • What words NEVER to use in your email copy.
    • The "3 C's" to becoming a person of high influence.
    • How to write emails that stick in your subscriber's minds like a catchy pop song. (This involves using a special technique that neuroscientists say causes your communication to become almost impossible to forget.)
    • Jay Z's unique business philosophy that helped him become a Hip Hop Mogul and not just another rapper - applied to email. (I'm not gonna lie, this takes some serious chutzpah, but once you see the results, you'll never go back to your old ways.)


    While this is a Playbook, a road-map or a blueprint for doubling your business's profits... would be a huge mistake to think the secrets revealed inside will only impact your business.

    You see, these secrets will dramatically increase your knowledge base, smash limited mindsets, stretch your comfort zone, give you tremendous insights into human-nature and human behavior very few people have.

    In other words..... gaining these insights YOU will become a more influential and persuasive individual.

    Look, everyone wants to be more influential with their peers, family, colleagues, employees.

    They want to become more persuasive with friends, loved ones and business associates, yet the average person will never seek out the knowledge that will in fact, make them more influential and persuasive.

    Look, the bottom line is this:

    If you truly embrace the sales and marketing secrets inside...

    You can't help but become more Influential... Every Aspect of Your Life.


    Know this also:

    These sales and marketing secrets are essentially based on human-nature.

    And because human-nature doesn't change, neither do these secrets.

    Google's algorithms cannot change them.

    New fads and trends cannot change them.

    New technology cannot change them.

    They are timeless.

    That's right, these timeless secrets will prosper your business, you and your loved ones for the rest of your life.

    Look, everybody wants to do better in life, but the reality is....

    You can't do better until you know better.

    Well, when it comes to better results with email, you will know a helluva lot more after going through this Playbook.

    In fact, you'll be light-years ahead of the average business owner out their who, when it comes to email marketing, are stumblebuming around in the dark.

    This Playbook will will virtually eliminate all the nagging frustration , stress and confusion most marketers feel when they sit down to write a promotional email.

    Here's Even More
    Secret's Revealed Inside:

    • Why following conventional email marketing "best practices" is like playing darts with spaghetti.
    • How to get your emails to out stand out like a sore thumb in your subscriber's inbox
    • The #1 determining factor in whether your subscribers buy your product or service. (Knowing this will put you in the driver's seat and make your email marketing efforts 100x's more profitable.)
    • The "farmer's secret" to yielding a bumper crop applied to email. (It's scary how closely this parallels with'll see.)
    • My advice on becoming a damn good copywriter in the fastest time humanly possible. (Forget paying all those online copywriting gurus a small fortune for their fancy courses. Just do this instead.)
    • What you must include in every single email you send. (This is so obvious, so simple, yet so overlooked by both professional and amateur marketers alike.
    • The "ABG" secret to maximizing your email marketing profits. (This ABG secret is where most brick and mortar businesses completely fall down. Even online businesses are pitiful at this. Once you apply the ABG secret to your business, it's only a matter of time before your sales will shoot through the roof.)
    • Why just selling your product or service in your emails is a dumb strategy. (And what you should really be selling. Once you make this simple little tweak, you'll be amazed at the difference in your open rates, and ultimately your sales.)
    • A certain "email type" that can truly explode your sales. (These type of emails push on-the-fence- subscribers right off and gets them scurrying to buy!)
    • A proven way to increase your "likeability factor" to an almost embarrassing level. (I don't care if you currently have no friends. Just do this in your emails and you'll have raving fans in no time!)
    • A new discovery made by a team of neuroscientists that when applied to your emails can dramatically increase the "emotional bond" with your list.)
    • What words and phrases NEVER to use in your subject lines. (These words and phrases will get your emails dumped straight into the spam folder. Inside is a comprehensive guide - covering multiple industries - showing you all those open rate killing words and phrases. This could be a product all on its own.)
    • The ultimate persuasion tool for creating belief.
    • The single best way - first taught by legendary advertising man, Claude Hopkins, in the early 1900's - to overcome your subscriber's skepticism and cynicism. (Do this and you'll silence ALL the negative voices in their head once and for all.)
    • A sneaky (but ethical) way to tease your subscribers into opening your emails.
    • The one copywriting technique you must master if you sell any form of information. (Master this one thing and selling becomes like child's play.)
    • The do's and don't's for creating optin offers.
    • The single most important thing to put on your website's homepage. This is a BIGGIE.
    • My 10 step-guide to ensuring your subscribers hold you in the highest regard and trust you like their closest friend. (Follow this simple guide and your subscribers will love you for it.)
    • Why selling to people's needs cripples your sales.
    • What to pepper throughout your emails to ensure your emails get read from top-to-bottom.
    • How to make dull and boring products and services sound truly fascinating and even fun!
    • 6 ways to inject humor into your emails. (I break down each way and...I also give you several examples of each way. You're welcome.)
    • The genius cold call script that took a struggling insurance salesman from the basement to the penthouse. (This one little tweak to his script made him the #1 salesman in his company. Here's how you can use it in your emails...)
    • Why it's BAD idea to study copywriters and other email marketers when it comes to writing subject lines. (And who you should study instead.)
    • A simply "comedy writing secret" (almost nobody talks about) that can instantly make you a more humorous writer.
    • A little-known website I love to visit when I'm all out of inspiration. (It's damn funny, too.)
    • How to turn a subscriber's "mild interest" in your product or service into a "white-hot fever pitch!"
    • How to write in a way that caters to ALL the different learning styles.
    • What I do in my copy that almost guarantees I get the very best and high-value leads, prospects and customers. (It took me a long time to learn this can learn this secret today!)
    • Why every email marketer should watch (and study) Sesame Street and 60 minutes.
    • A special writing trick that yields instant agreement from your readers. (If you struggle to persuade your subscribers to your way of thinking, then simply start using this trick. You'll instantly become more persuasive.)
    • The 9-letter-word that helps me attract high-quality prospects and scares off loser prospects I know will be a nightmare to deal with. (You'll thank me for this one.)
    • How scribbling down notes in an old yellow notebook dramatically increased my sales. (Here's what I wrote in it, and WHY it increased my sales.)
    • How to use the research findings of Nobel Prize winner, Daniel Kahnerman to get your emails opened and read. (This isn't foolproof, but certainly places the odds heavily in your favor.)
    • When spelling a word wrong can increase response, and when it just makes you look like a dummy!)
    • A little-known copywriting secret that makes your product claims and promises, no matter how big or outlandish, sound 100% believable.
    • James Carville's (Bill Clinton's campaign adviser) secret to effective communication. (This one piece of advice applied to email will make your emails incredibly impactful and memorable.)
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