Even Helen Keller Could See This

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.” ~ Helen Keller


Know this:

People believe what they want to believe.

Everybody is looking through their unique belief filter.

This belief filter blocks out any information or facts that directly opposes a person’s belief and locates all information and facts that support their belief.

You follow?

As a marketer, if you say something that contradicts your market’s core belief, it’s game over.

You must stay aligned with your marketer’s core beliefs.

However, that’s not enough.

You see, your prospects want to believe your sales pitch. They want your product or service to perform what you say it will perform because, ultimately, they will benefit from it. But if you don’t give them supporting facts and proof, they won’t pull out their hard earned.

And if you want your prospects to be more willing to accept and believe your facts and proof elements, then…you must stomp on your prospect’s greed glands.

That’s right, you gotta make them frothing at the mouth excited about your product or service.

Verily it is so, when folks get emotionally involved with an idea, they will seek out information to confirm and justify their feelings.

What I’m trying to say here is this:

The HEART tells the HEAD what to believe.

Most marketers get that backasswards.

They direct their pitch to a prospect’s logical mind.

But that’s like telling a four-year-old to eat all their veggies so their body can benefit from all the nutritional vitamins therein.  C’mon, get real. They don’t care!

Listen, they will only care if you give them a reason to care.

For example, you could say, “Hey Bucko, if you eat these beans and carrots you can stay up later tonight. Once the child becomes emotionally involved with the idea, they will now be open to learning about the logical reason for eating vegetables.

And so it is with your prospects.

Your prospects won’t give a kangaroo’s scrotum about your product’s facts or proof elements until you get them emotionally involved.

You see, when the hearts engaged, we become open and acceptive to any logic or facts that support the thing our heart secretly desires.

Are you getting this?

Verily I say unto thee….

Your emails should be felt with the heart above all things.

It’s all about the heart.

Sheesh, even Helen Keller could see that!

But how do you write emails that connect to your subscriber’s heart?

I’m glad you asked.

And I think you know my answer.

Yup, that’s right.

You can grab it here:

The Maverick’s Email Playbook

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I’m out.



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