The Uncircumcised Truth About ‘Selling’

The secret to film is that it’s an illusion. ~ George Lucas


The secret to sales is that it’s an illusion.

The assumption is that great salespeople fill their prospects with a desire to buy their wares.


Not true.

People already have desires.

Listen: you cannot fill someone with a desire any more than you can fill Snoop Dog’s house full of anti marijuana posters.

It ain’t gonna happen, homie.

Verily I say, Bill Cosby has more chance of filling up a woman’s wine glass at a bar than you do filling someone with a desire.

Do you hear what I’m saying?

You cannot “create” desire.

Either someone has it, or they don’t.

Know this:

Your first job as a marketer is to find a group of people who already have a desire that your product or service fulfills.

Your second job is this:

To take this group’s desire and direct it, channel it, and focus it onto your product or service.

Listen, no marketer has ever filled a female prospect with the desire to feel thin and beautiful. But many a marketer has shown a female prospect how their product or service can make them thin and beautiful.


Molto bene.

Hey, that was a neat little lesson, wasn’t it?

I’m glad you agree.

Now, normally this is where I do a clever little segue into promoting my product.

But not today.


Cuz I can’t think of one, OK?

Look, here’s the dealio:

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Okay my friend, take care….

…and we’ll talk again soon.

I’m out.



Email Marketing Maverick