How To Get Your Subscribers To Cross Your Palm With Silver


Yesterday, I promised to deliver unto you two most excellent ways to charge what you’re really worth and have your subscribers happily pay it.

I will now fulfill that promise.

Here goes.

In my last email, I waxed lyrical about the importance of showing your subscribers the value of your product or service in your sales pitch.

And yes, that is incredibly important and effective. However, it takes some serious copywriting chops to pull it off.

In fact, you need to be a shockingly good copywriter to write a sales message that gets folks to cough up their hard-earned.

Well, that’s the bad news.

Here’s the good news:

The two ways I’m about to show you don’t require you to be a great copywriter. Nope. I’m going to show two ways to get your subscribers to cross your palm with silver even if you don’t have a lick of copywriting knowledge or ability. Trust me, Buckwheat, if you have at least half a brain, you can do this.

You ready?

OK, here’s the first way: Get your subscribers to Know, like, and TRUST you.

Listen up:

One of the biggest obstacles to selling your wares is not being trusted.

No trust – no sale.

It’s that simple.

Now, pay close attention to the following tip:

Every email you send your subscriber should have a trust-building aspect to it.

Here are a few ‘trust-building’ email ideas you can deploy:

  • The “behind the curtain” email. This is where you let your subscribers in on a few insider secrets of your business.
  • The “I’m not perfect” email. This is an email where you admit a flaw. It could be a flaw in your product or service, or it could be a personal foible. (Most business owners don’t have the sugarlumps do this, but that’s because they don’t understand the incredible amount of trust and goodwill it creates.
  • The “personal story” email. This could be a story about anything, really. What you do is, you talk about something personal in great detail, which builds trust, and then you segue into your sales pitch.

Alrighty, that’s the first way.

Here’s the second: Prove you’re the real deal.

Another common reason subscribers don’t buy from you is that they don’t believe your product or service will do what you say it will do, or they don’t believe you are the credible expert you claim to be.

Verily I say unto you, after ‘trust’, ‘proof’ is the most powerful element in all of sales. If you can prove that your product or service produces the goods, or that you are indeed are a credible expert, you’ve pretty much got the sale in the bag.


One of the very best ways to prove you are the expert you claim to be is by simply drip-feeding your subscribers with expert advice in all your emails. I’m talking about giving helpful tidbits of relevant information. Over time, there will be no denying you know what you’re talking about.

Another tip:

Every time a customer compliments you or has had some success with your product or service, ask them for permission to share their experience in one of your promotional emails.

The bottom line here is this:

If you can get your subscribers to trust you, and prove to them that you’re a stone-cold expert, then it will only be a matter of time before your subscribers run to your product or service’s loving arms with credit card in hand.

Well, that’s it in a nutshell.

But of course, the devil is in the details.

I’ll finish with this:

When you boil it all down…

…Everything Fails Without The Details!

For those who want the details…

…hightail it here: The Maverick’s Email Playbook





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