The ‘Hot For Librarian’ Marketing Secret


Okay, let’s dive right into this valuable lesson that is sure to bring you more of the green stuff.

There’s a popular maxim in marketing which says: If you’re marketing to everyone, you’re marketing to no one.

Well, here’s a little variation to that maxim concerning email.

Here goes:

If you’re trying to please all your subscribers, you won’t please any of them.

For example, if you sell to dog owners, don’t worry about offending the cat owners.

If you sell to hard-core vegans, don’t worry about offending the vegetarians.

Look, you gotta know who your ideal customer is… then, once you have identified who they are, keep them firmly front-of-mind. Advertise to them only. Write promotional emails to them alone. Focus solely on them.

Get this in your head: Seek Only To Please Your Ideal Customer And Forget Everyone Else!

Yes my friend, to be a truly successful email marketer you must become obsessed with your ideal customer (target market).

Let me put it this way:

Imagine this:

You are single and pathetically lonely. And, to take your mind of being miserable and lonely, you throw yourself into your work; thus, you are always at the office. Your office is situated right near the town library. And one day you’re sitting at your office desk feeling totally spent. You glance out your office window, and your eyes suddenly fixate on the town library. You think to yourself: “Hmn, I haven’t been there for a while, maybe I should head over and take a little break.”

So you boogie on over to the library.

Once inside, you find yourself a book on marketing to read but you quickly realize it’s nowhere near as good as other marketing books you have read, such as 81 Days To Becoming an Online Sales Machine, and Van Halen’s Self Promotional Secret Every Email Marketer Should Be Using (BTW, I have a new book which I will be releasing on Amazon next month.)

Well anyways, as you’re skimming through the lame marketing book, you look up, and your lonely eyes see a gorgeous blond (or handsome gentleman, if applicable) And, she happens to be in the marketing section…with you!

You get to talking with this blonde lass, and the two of you seem to ‘hit it off’ just great.

She is very flirtatious with you, and when you go to leave, she says in the most sultry voice you’ve ever heard, “BTW, I’m the new librarian here, I hope to see again soon.”

Now, tell me, after walking out of the library, what do you think will be occupying the majority of your thoughts for the next 24 hours?

That’s right….

...The Hot Little Librarian!

Yup, you’ll be thinking about to her to the exclusion of almost everyone else you know.

You will be driving in your car and you’ll start wondering what she’s up to.

You will be brushing your teeth and be wondering what she’s thinking.

In other words, you will OBSESS over her.

And that my friend, is the level of focus and attention you must give your ideal customer when it comes to your marketing.

I’m not saying it’s easy.

I’m saying that’s what it takes.

If you want your marketing and sales messages to become hugely profitable, that is.

Lemme ask you:

How often do you stop and ask yourself, “What is my ideal customer doing right now? What are they thinking about? What are they struggling with? What do they really want?”

Yea, verily I say, the marketer who doesn’t ask those questions will get their clock cleaned by the marketer who does.

Listen: The sooner you realize that “selling” is first and foremost all about your market, and not about your product or service, the better.

Legendary marketer, Claude Hopkins once stated that all the results depend on the consumer. All your wholesale demand, all your retail demand, depends on your ability to understand your consumer.

And, of course, he’s right!

Hey, Kelvin, I get it already!  You gotta understand, and please only your ideal customer. But Kelvin, I just wanna know how to get my lazy subscribers to respond to my emails and buy my stuff!

Listen, Pookie, what I just shared with you is a crucial ingredient to getting your subscribers to respond to your marketing messages.

Granted, it ain’t the whole story. (not by a long shot)

If you want the whole story….go ye here: The Maverick’s Playbook To Doubling Your Sales

Just make sure you’ve done your homework on your market.(i.e., know thy market) I can’t do that part for you.

However, if you want to know how to write persuasive emails that cause subscribers to willingly and happily shell out their hard earned for your product or service….

…then I’m your huckleberry.




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