The Incredibly Dull And Boring Sales Secret That Will Make You Mucho Dinero


So I’ve been seeing this woman for nearly a month now.

She is a brunette, and she lives right near the beach in Warriewood on the stunning northern beaches of Sydney.

I’ve now seen her three times.

And on every occasion, it has gone down the same way:

I knock on her front door, she answers, we have barely a minute of small talk before my clothes are off and she’s doing things to my body I didn’t think was humanly possible.

Lemme tell ya, this girl really get’s me jumpin’ and jivin’.

She’s a little rough though, I must say.

But now the pain in my neck (my trapezius and levator scapulae muscles) is almost entirely gone, so I’m not complaining.

Yup, she’s one heck of a Remedial massage therapist.

Oh, I guess I was a little late on giving you that last detail, eh?

But let me ask you: it made the story a little more interesting though, didn’t it?


Well anyways, on my last visit, after she had finished torturing my body, we got to talking about marketing.

I asked her (Her name’s Jenny) how she acquires her customers.

She told me her entire business had been built on word of mouth. However, since social media (mainly facebook ads) have become increasingly more popular, she has not been getting the business she used to.

Jenny is a single mum and is raising two kids, so I offered some advice because, hey, who couldn’t benefit from more business, right?

I say to Jenny: “I noticed you took down my email address on my first visit; so you must have an email database of all your clients, correct?”

Jenny: “Sure.”

Me: “Do you do any email marketing?”

Jenny: “Oh no, I wouldn’t do that!”

Me (hiding my disgruntlement): “Why is that?”

Jenny: “Ah, you know, people don’t read emails. I don’t even read the emails sent from my teacher at the Australian School of Therapeutic Massage. Everyone is on Facebook these days, so I should probably be advertising on there, I guess.”

Let me stop the story here for a moment and address Jenny’s comment.

You know, Jenny’s comment is the classic case of a business owner projecting their opinions and beliefs onto their customers or market.

Listen, marketing 101 is never to assume that everybody else is like you.

Everyone else is NOT like you.

Other people are very different to you, just as they are me.

For example, just because you prefer reading the news online doesn’t mean everyone else does.

Look, Jenny may not read her emails, but that doesn’t mean all her clients don’t read their emails. Granted, there are a lot of folks who don’t read promotional emails (I don’t blame them), but many people do read promotional emails (like all the subscribers of the Maverick’s disciples).

OK, consider Jenny’s comment addressed.

Ploughing on.

Now, here’s what I knew about Jenny and her situation:

(1) She had a large email list

(2) If she could see the error of her ways and start emailing her list in the Maverick’s marvelous and wryly ways, she would instantly double her business!

So, armed with this knowledge, you could be sure that after she belittled and spoke ill of my beloved email marketing, I went into persuasion mode and sold her on all the benefits of email marketing and how she could dramatically increase her average profit per client, right?


I did no such thing.

In fact, I agreed with her.

I told her she should forget about email marketing and that she should focus on Facebook advertising. I told her she should create ads that target all the doctors in her area. I told her doctors would more likely respond to an ad from a Remedial Therapist who specializes in treating doctors than a remedial therapist who services just anyone. I told her that because doctors sit at a desk for endless hours every day, you could be sure that most of them are suffering from some muscle pain, and best reason to target doctors of all: they got bucks!

Hey, Kelvin, the Facebook advertising advice makes sense, but why not sell her on email marketing?

Ah, I was hoping someone would ask me that.

I’ll tell you why.

Because I don’t sell to “Jennys”.

Meaning, I don’t sell to folks who aren’t interested in what I have to offer, even if it can turn around their entire business.

You see, Jenny told me in no uncertain terms that she is not interested in email marketing in any way shape or form.

Any attempt by me to persuade her to take up email marketing would have been a waste of breath because Jenny had already made up her mind about email marketing.

And I’m not in the business of changing people’s mind.

Listen, people often tell me I’m a great salesman and that I can be very persuasive, and I’d be the last person to disagree, but the truth is, I rarely have to be persuasive or hard pitch people.


Becuase I only sell to people who want what I offer.

Yes my friend, I just sell people what they ALREADY want.

It makes selling incredibly easy, and much more profitable, too.


If you have to educate people or change their mind or attitude towards your about your product, you’re in for one helluva rough time.

Hear this:

Selling is not arm-twisting, or education, or manipulating or convincing.


Selling is simply giving people what they want.

That way, there’s no resistance.

You see, when I started selling Jenny on doing Facebook ads, she was all ears.

I didn’t have to convince or persuade her because she was already interested in doing Facebook advertising.

Look, your job is not to convince or persuade people to buy your product or service.


Your job is to find the people who already want your product or service.

Selling can either be easy as pie or hard as hell.

If you want it to be easy, ignore everyone who doesn’t already understand or want what you’re offering and sell only to folks who ‘get’ what you sell and ‘want’ what you sell.

Do this and selling becomes as easy as taking candy off Stevie Wonder.

Oh, and if you wanna know how to go about writing emails that bring in droves of customers, clients, and sales, there’s this: The Maverick’s Email Playbook To Doubling Your Sales

I’m out.


Email Marketing Maverick