Why You Should Think Like a Rock God And Not a Salesperson

I don’t deal in technique, I deal in emotions”. ~ Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin’s guitarist)


Musicians and email-marketers are in the same game.

The game of emotions.

The musician tries to get his listener to shake their booty, and the marketer tries to get his prospect to hand over their booty.

Both require emotion.

If a listener isn’t feelin it, that ain’t dancin’.

If a prospect isn’t feelin’ it, they ain’t buyin’.

It’s that simple.

Listen up: If you truly desire more sales, you’d better start selling to your subscriber’s emotions.

Make them feel the pain, suffering and hell of not getting their problem solved, and, make them feel the euphoric, utopia, and joyful bliss of their problem finally solved by your product or service.

You feel me?


Class dismissed.


Kelvin Dorsey ~ Email Marketing Maverick