Keep It Simple, Lunk-head


“An intellectual says a simple thing in a hard way. An artist says a hard thing in a simple way.” ~ Charles Bukowski

Fact: We all want to be considered intelligent.

Nobody in their right mind wants to be called a dumbass, right?

Well, here’s something curious:

When it comes to writing, for some strange reason, this desire to be seen as an intelligent and savvy individual, skyrockets.

And the net result?

Emails, blog posts, articles, sales copy, resumes, all jam-packed with big fancy words that smack of pretension.

The average person’s writing not only sound pompous but it’s also too wordy.
Listen, if you want to tell your reader that last night you went to the corner shop, you should write: “Last night I went to the corner shop” – no more, no less.

Look, the point is this:

If you really want to impress your readers, do this:

Make your writing easy to read and easy to understand.


Now, would you let me finish with a little ditty?

Why thank you.

Here goes:

More is more and less is a bore,
but if you’re writing, less is more.

You likey?

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I’m done.

Chat soon.


Email Marketing Maverick