You Know What Really Salts My Apples?


What are your pet peeves?

Here’s one of mine: people who never take off their sunglasses.

I mean, unless the sun is shining directly into your eyes, take your damn sunglasses off when talking to someone.

I don’t know about you, but I like to see someone’s eyes when speaking to them.

I guess I’m just old-fashioned like that.

Now, in terms of email marketing, here’s something else that really salts my apples: multiple obnoxious and gaudy links peppered throughout a promotional email. You know, there’s just no need for having more than one link in your promotional emails.

It’s spammy.

It’s rude.

And it’s dumb.

Who does this?

Idiotic online marketing goose-steppers. That’s who.

These online idiots strategically place their spammy links throughout their emails like the North Vietnamese military placed landmines throughout the jungle in the Vietnam war.

Hey, do you remember the start of Rambo IV where the Tatmadaw Army forced the surviving citizens to run through the landmine infested paddy fields?

Well, you feel like one of those poor citizens when reading one of those link infested emails. It’s almost impossible not to accidentally click on one of their links. OK, bad example.

Now, these scumbag marketers – I’m not insulting them, I’m just describing them – have 2 – 3 links (sometimes more) in their emails cuz they heard somewhere that it increases your click-through rate.

Well, guess what?

It DOES increase your click-through rate.

But here’s what these muppets don’t realize: most of those clicks will be poor quality clicks. Meaning: they are pure curiosity clicks. Anyone who clicks a link after reading just a few words is just a lookie loo.They’re like the person who walks into a newly opened restaurant not because they’re hungry, but because they’re curious to see what it looks like.

If you owned a restaurant, would you want people pouring into your restaurant just to have a look around with no intention of ordering a meal? Of course you wouldn’t.

The ONLY folks you would want walking into your restaurant are those who are hungry and looking for some good grub, right?

Well, it’s no different with email.

You only want clicks from subscriber’s who are hungry for what you offer, and who have been sold on you and your product or service.

Listen: It’s not about getting more clicks, it’s about getting QUALITY clicks.

I want my subscribers to read every single word in my emails. You see, the more subscribers I can get to read every word of my emails, the more quality clicks I get.

And the more quality clicks I get, the more sales I make.

Some marketers are so obsessed with improving their click-through rates that the wind up manipulating and tricking their subscribers into clicking links instead of relying on salesmanship. They’re like the guy who tricks women into handing over their phone numbers. He may get a lot of phone numbers that way, but he sure as hell won’t get any dates either!

Are you getting this?

The lesson is this:

Never rely on your clicks to do the selling for you. YOU do the selling dammit! Yes, I’m talking about selling them on YOU before you sell them your product or service.

How do you do this?

You do this with your email copy.

Your email copy must warm up your subscribers before they click a link.

OK, time to wrap this baby up.

If you have read this whole email, and you are wanting to know how to really sell yourself and your product or service right inside every email you send, then thou are most certainly worthy (and welcome) to clicketh on my link: The Maverick’s Email Playbook




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