The Maverick Blasts His Subscribers

“I like to blast my prospects with bullets – rapid fire!”


If you truly want to master copywriting, master bullet writing.

A bullet is a hybrid of a headline and a piece of sales copy.

They are generally one or two-line statements of what your product or service will do for your prospect.

They typically look like this:

  • * The 5 qualities that will make you (and your emails) influential, persuasive and charismatic. (People subconsciously seek out these qualities in others. If you display just one or two of these qualities, you’ll be incredibly persuasive – but show all five…people become putty in your hands!)
  • * How to avoid sounding just like your competition and becoming a “me too” business. (Do this and you’ll NEVER have to compete on price or rely on sales techniques or tricks.)
  • * Ernest Hemingway’s secret to winning over readers
  • * 12 absolutely essential “marketing and sales” principles you must know before you attempt to sell anything to anyone. (These 12 marketing secrets will put you light-years ahead of the average business owner who claims advertising doesn’t work.)
  • * Abraham Lincoln’s secret to winning someone to your way of thinking. (And how to apply this secret in all your emails.)
  • * The “Trojan horse” method for blatantly pitching your product or service and have your subscribers thank you for it! (This is hands down the best way to deliver your sales pitch.)
  • * A proven “copywriting secret” that turns a subscriber’s “mild interest” in your product or service into a white-hot fever pitch!
  • * A clever way to come up with witty, clever and humorous sayings. (This is the closest thing you will ever have to possessing an actual rapier-like wit. Just follow the steps provided inside and…voila!)
  • * The incredible “marketing secret” of a man who lost his mind and committed murder in a New York bar. (How the competing New York newspapers covered this tragic news story reveals one of the most powerful marketing lessons ever.)
  • * A proven (and powerful) way to get subscribers who, at first, don’t give a crap about you or your product or service, to care very much!
  • * “Sales secrets” from one of the world’s most recognized and successful negotiators. This man coached negotiations worth billions for multinationals, governments and world leaders. (Inside, I give you a transcript of this man’s most insightful interview he ever gave. This is gold!)
  • * Little-known ways to write subject lines and email copy that’s “neurologically impossible” to ignore.
  • * A surprisingly simple (and sneaky) way to plant ideas in your subscriber’s minds so subtly they’ll think they came up with the ideas themselves.
  • * Warren Buffet’s simple (but powerful) “persuasion secret” he uses in nearly all his monthly Berkshire Shareholder newsletters. (If you struggle getting your subscribers to believe all your claims and promises, simply do this…)
  • * Exact word-for-word samples of sales letters that dragged in millions, and how to adapt them to your unique situation. (I seriously thought about selling this little swipe file separately. Maybe I will one day. The point is: It’s incredibly valuable.)
  • * The little-known “beers at a bar” sales pitch.

Did those bullets sound interesting to you?

If they did, you should keep an eye out for my Email Playbook, which, by the way, will be available in a couple of weeks. (it’s taking longer than I expected. I’m negotiating printing prices and crunching shipping costs, and I also have to….

..ah, wadda you care?

You just want it in your hot-little-hands, right?

It can be….you just have to wait longer.



Email Marketing Maverick