Maverickism #3 Study The Greats

“Study the greats.”


Great athletes study great athletes.

Great artists study great artists.

Great musicians study great musicians .

So, following this logic, email marketers should study great email marketers, right?

Not necessarily.

Listen, you could count the number of email marketers I follow on the one hand of a lousy sawmill operator.

Trust me, there are very few email marketers worth studying.

Now hear me out:

If you truly want to become a great email marketer, you should study great communicators.

Below is a list of people who I consider to be worthy of the label: “great communicator”

Check ’em out.


Don’t do that.

Study them!

Here is my list:

Howard Stern

Mary Kay Ash

Bill Burr

Judge Judy

Gordon Ramsay

Joe Jamail

Jordan Belfort

Winston Churchill

Rev Creflo Dollar

Richard Pryor

Jamie Foxx

Mark Twain

Johnny Carson


That should keep ya busy for a while.

Tell me, who do you think should be added to that list?

I’d like to know.

Hit reply and throw me some names.

Or, maybe you disagree with one of my choices and you just want to tell me how silly I am. Whatever.

Alright, I’m out.

Oh, wait.

One more thing:

Not to mention any names here (Igor), but if you think I will reply to any of your emails to me that are cryptic, full of spammy looking links and/or your tone comes off as being douchebaggery (even if that wasn’t your intention)…you’re nuts!

I simply won’t.

That is all.

P.S. I don’t want that little rebuke to discourage anyone from replying to this email, ok? Just avoid the above mentioned, and we’re all sweet. Remember, I didn’t say you couldn’t call me a dumbass or something of that nature; at least I’ll know where you’re coming from.
I can appreciate that.

P.S.S. How many of you are now tempted to just hit reply and write: “Kelvin, you’re a dumbass”, huh?

Good times.



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