The Maverick’s Damn Good Advice


Boy oh boy…

…do I have some damn good advice for you!

In fact, I have so much damn good advice to give you, that I can’t possibly give it all to you in this one email.

Thus, I have compiled all this advice and turned it into a book.

You can get it here:  

In case you don’t like to click big ugly links without knowing what the hell it is you’re going to see or get (I know I don’t), let me tell you what it’s all about.

That ugly link takes you to my new book on Amazon titled Damn Good Advice For Email Marketers, which could easily be titled Damn Good Advice For Business Owners.

But, because I’m specifically targeting email marketers, I opted for the former.

Well anyway, here’s a little taste of what’s inside:

  • An almost foolproof way to “flip” reluctant subscribers into your happiest and best-paying subscribers

The # 1 mistake made by “modern” marketers. (This common screw up will undermine all your marketing efforts.)

  • Snoop Dog’s genius marketing strategy that has kept him at the very top for over two decades. (And how you can directly apply it to your unique situation)
  • How to write subject lines that are neurologically impossible to ignore.

The two things that determine almost 90% of an email marketer’s results. (Even slight improvements of these two things can dramatically jack up your profits.)

  • The surprising “copywriting secret” of a frustrated journalist. (This journo sold an entire garage full of seemingly useless knick-knacks at ridiculously high prices using this one copywriting secret. Now you can use it, too!)

How to make bold promises (and even outrageous claims) sound 100% believable. PLUS, a ton of examples for you to study and adapt to your business)

  • The “Napoleon Bonaparte” method for getting your subscribers to take the action you want them to take, and have them love doing it!

The surprising “sales secret” of from a former FBI agent who was instrumental in taking down an entire Mob family. (Once you learn this, selling will become child’s play)

  • A clever (but powerful) way to get your subscribers emotionally engaged with your product or service, no matter how dull or boring your product or service may be.

3 words you should NEVER use in your email sales copy. (You’d be amazed how many marketers still try and use these 3 words.)

  • Sylvester Stallone’s “simple little trick” to making all the fight scenes in the Rocky movies far more engaging, and how you can easily apply it to your promotional emails.

The brilliant “copywriting secret” of the man dubbed The World’s Greatest Living Copywriter. (This is the single most powerful copywriting secret you can ever learn. Not only does it make your copy more persuasive, but it instantly kills off your reader’s skepticism and sales resistance.)

  • The diabolically clever way for coming up with breakthrough business ideas. This is taught by America’s highest paid marketing consultant – a.k.aThe 9 Billion Dollar Man. FACT: To succeed in business, you must stand out amongst your competitors. Here’s how to come up with your point of difference and parlay it into serious money.)
  • The “girl at the bar” lesson that will show you how to outsell bigger and better marketers than yourself.


Oh yeah, it will cost you a whopping 99 cents.

Alrighty, I’ll check in on ya soon.



Email Marketing Maverick