The Mother of All Copywriting Secrets

So my dear little old mother has taken up email marketing.

And let me tell you, I couldn’t be prouder.

You see, when it comes to technology, the Amish are more tech savvy than my mother. I’m no expert when it comes to technology either, but compared to my mother, I’m like Steve Jobs.

Despite being a complete tech dummy, she has signed herself up with Mail Chimp, set up her first email campaign, sent out her first few emails and, she’s already got people coming into her store (fashion retail for mature age) as a direct result of those few emails.

The ole girl has done good.

And, she’s about to do a lot better.

No, you misunderstood me.

My mother is about to do a WHOLE lot better.


Let me tell you why:

Because I’m about to show her a way to write product descriptions and emails that will get her customers drooling at the mouth.

This is something I neglected to write on my sales page for my Playbook.

So, I will tell you about it now.

At the end of my Playbook is a BONUS section wherein I reveal this diabolically clever way to write product descriptions and emails for people who are in retail or sell any type of merchandise, really.¬†Not only does this clever way to sell your merchandise get your subscriber’s frothing-at-the-mouth excited to buy your products, but it also gets them to pay top dollar. Yup, writing your product descriptions and emails in this certain way will skyrocket the perceived value in all your products.

I wish I could take credit for this clever way to promote your products, but I can’t.

This strategy was first done by an incredibly creative businessman back in 1996.

This creative genius stated his business with a measly 500 dollar investment, and then he borrowed $20,000 – unsecured.

Within a few short years, his company was dragging in 4.8 million in sales.

And by 1990, the business was pulling in a cool 19.8 million.

He went from a few helpers (family members) to employing 80 full-time workers.

ALL this off the back of this ONE simple strategy!

Well anyway, that’s what you’ll find in the bonus section of the Maverick’sPlaybook.

To see what else it offers, wander over yonder: The Maverick’s Playbook To Doubling Your Sales

Catcha soon.



Email Marketing Maverick