The Numero Uno Reason Why People Never Achieve Success


Winston Churchill once crooned:

“Sometimes doing your best isn’t good enough.”

I agree.

Actually, I would go so far as to say that doing your best is not good enough MOST of the time.

Listen: there’s a lot of folks who try their very best at everything they do, yet are complete failures.

Yes, doing your best is important, but it’s only a part of the success equation.

You see, many people are doing their level best, and…even doing the right things, yet they keep falling short of success because they miss the single most crucial ingredient to success…..


Nothing can tilt the odds more in your favor than persistence.

Anyone in this world who has achieved something significant has done it through dogged persistence.

Now, listen up, dear friend and subscriber….

If you feel in your heart of hearts that you are on the right track in regard to achieving your goal or ambition, but you feel like giving up, then, by all means, go get a stiff drink, take a break, cry yourself to sleep, kick the cat, punch a wall, yell and scream, bitch and moan, BUT….whatever you do….

…Never, Ever, Ever Give Up!

Look, the fact that you haven’t already given up makes you a success in my eyes. Actually achieving your goal will just be the icing on the cake!


Keep on keepin’ on.



Email Marketing Maverick


P.S. In keeping with the theme here, another thing you should never quit is learning.  And if you’re trying to sell your wares via email, you’re gonna need to learn how to write emails in a way that gets your subscribers to pony up. Unless, of course, you just want readership.

But you don’t, do you?

No, you want customers, not readers, right?

Well, that’s where I come in. I show you exactly how it’s done in explicit detail right here: Email Playbook

But you better be ready to learn.

OK, I’m gonna finish this here email with a quote from a man who’s slightly more successful than I.

Check it out:

“The best investment you can ever make is the investment in yourself. The more you learn, the more you earn.”  Warren Buffett

Well said, Mr. Buffett.