Pain vs Gain – Who Wins?


Pain vs Gain…

…who wins?

Any marketer worth his or her salt knows Pain will win when pitted against Gain.

In fact, it’s not even a contest. Pain will have its way with Gain every day of the week and twice on Sundays.

You see, we all like to gain, but we all HATE pain.

We’ll do almost anything to avoid pain. We avoid pain like Lindsay Lohan avoids good advice.


There’s simply no greater motivator than Pain.

You see, we are creatures of comfort.

And because we are creatures of comfort, most people don’t go after what they really want.


Because going after what we really want takes us out of our comfort zone and dumps us into the pain zone.

Now, one type of pain we are always trying to avoid is this: The fear of loss. Chauncey Depew (a very wise New York attorney from the 19th century) once said: “I would not stay up all night to make $100, but I would stay up all of seven nights to keep from losing it.” And so it is.

Now, how does all this put a pretty penny into your pocket?

Here’s how:

How can you show your prospects what they stand to lose if they don’t purchase your product or service?

What are they losing right now, because they don’t have your product or service?

Are they losing their health? The youthful looks? Their money? The value of their house? Their time? Whatever that fear is, you must make it bigger and uglier than their fear of handing over their hard earned.

The bottom line here is this:

If you don’t master this “fear of loss” sales technique…

…You Will Always And Forever Be Losing a TON of Sales!

See what I did there?

Alright, Chief, that’s all I got today.



Email Marketing Maverick

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