Part Two as Promised


As promised (see yesterday’s email), here is that profound paragraph from Hopkins’s book.

Check it out:


First, I’d better give you some context.

In Hopkins’s book, My Life In Advertising, Hopkins talks about how he was always approached by college men who were seeking work as a copywriter, and how they bragged to him about their education and their literary style. Claude would tell them that those things weren’t assets, but rather handicaps.

OK, now that you’ve got some context, here’s that paragraph I thought was profound.

Here it is:

“We never ask their education, their literary qualifications. Those lacks are easily supplied. But let a man prove to us he understands human nature and we welcome him with open arms.”

The take away here is this:

You should study marketing and copywriting, but more than anything….

…You Should Study People!


A mathematician must understand numbers.

A  lawyer must understand the law.

A chef must understand food.

And a salesperson must understand people.

Can I be any more redundant here?


I can.

Check it out:

The marketer who understands human nature will never go under!

Alright, I’m done.

Kelvin, aren’t you going to plug your Playbook today?


I am.

Want more sales?

Go here: The Maverick’s Playbook


P.S. I’m sorry if I sounded a little grumpy in this email. Today was a bad day at the office. I promise to be more pleasant next time, or at least pretend to be.