What a Smart Little Drucker!

“The major incentive to productivity and efficiency  are social and moral rather than financial.” ~ Peter Drucker


Hear this my little marketing crony:

If you want your subscribers to buy your product or service, you can’t just natter on about money.

I don’t care if you’re selling a “make money online” product, you still shouldn’t be going on and on about the “bones.”

Yes, money’s a great carrot, however, it ain’t the whole carrot (it’s probably just the tip of the carrot).

The major part of the “carrot” (incentive) are other motivating forces that makes “money” pale in comparison.

You see, (most) folks aren’t obsessed with moolah as much as you think they are.

That said, it doesn’t mean they aren’t obsessing.

Ohh, they’re obsessing alright.

They’re obsessing over:

Feeling special, important and significant.


Social status.


Freedom from fear, stress and pain.

The lust for power.

Care and protection of loved ones.

Those, my friend, are what your subscribers are obsessing over.

And, they are the things that really drive and motivate us humans.

How do I know this is the case?

It easy.

Cuz I obsess over those things. And if you’re honest with yourself, so do you.

Yes, indeedy, we’re all insecure. Even the most seemingly bold and confident of folks are riddled with insecurities.

Anyway, the point is, make sure you’re focusing on what your subscribers are really obsessing over.

So, if you really want to turn a buyer on – more talky-talky about those (aforementioned) things and less talky-talky about money.

Simply look at how your product or service helps fulfill those obsessions and, well, you’re off to the races.

Actually, more like bank.


Kelvin Dorsey ~ Email Marketing Maverick