The Proliferation of “Cold and Bony” Copywriting


Hear ye…

If you want to take your sales copy to the next level, then you should stop writing about your product’s benefits.

Look, I’m not saying not to sell your product or service’s benefits, that would be dumb, wouldn’t it?

What I am saying is this:

Don’t sell your product’s benefit and stop there.

Go one step further.

Meaning: sell the benefit of the benefit.

In my opinion, selling only the benefit is shortchanging your prospect. When you don’t flesh out your benefit, it comes across as cold and bony.

Thus, limiting its impact.

It’s like¬†asking someone how their day was and them responding: “Yeah, good thanks,” and not elaborate.

As the listener, you’re not getting the whole story.

Now, when it comes to selling, you MUST give the whole story. You gotta put some flesh on them bones.

Have you ever cuddled someone who’s incredibly skinny?

It’s like hugging a skeleton, right?

Not good.

Well, sales copy that doesn’t flesh out the product’s benefits will make the readers feel the same way. It will come across as cold and bony, giving the reader nothing to grab hold of.

Hey, is this all getting a little too theoretical?

Perhaps I should just give you an example of selling the “benefit of the benefit”, eh?


I’ll give you an example then.

We’ll use a Hair Salon service as an example. (I dunno, it’s the first thing that popped into my head)

First, here’s an example of what NOT to do:

Dear subscriber,

We have a new shampoo that has just arrived at our store. It’s called XY shampoo.

XY shampoo gives your hair that clean, long-lasting freshness that most other shampoos fail to achieve.

Not only does XY shampoo clean your hair, but it also provides intense nourishment to boot.

If you’re after fuller, thicker looking hair, trust me, you can’t go past XY shampoo.

Ok, this is where we leave behind most copywriters at Averageville and enter the rarefied air of the savvy copywriter who gives their readers the “benefit of the benefit”.

Check it out:

Selling the “benefit of the benefit”:

(CONTINUED)..., you can’t go past XY shampoo.¬†

You know, it’s only been two weeks since I started using XY shampoo and I’ve already had compliments from three of my girlfriends. And it’s not just my friends who have noticed the glow and vibrancy of my hair. Just the other day I was asked by a checkout girl what brand of shampoo I use.

Seriously, before using XY shampoo, I never had people ask me what shampoo I used or give me compliments about my hair.

But here’s what really got my attention: My husband, who has never said a word about my hair since I’ve known him, told me my hair looked amazing.

Okay, so you can see I’m pretty thrilled about this shampoo, right? …


So I ask you, can you see how selling the “benefit of the benefit” kicked up the salesmanship to a whole new level?


You see, the benefit was great hair, but the benefit of the benefit was how having great hair will make you FEEL!

And that is the magic of selling the benefit of the benefit; it get’s your reader to experience your product in their mind’s eye.

Powerful stuff, my friend.

Hey, could you also tell how clueless I am about shampoo and hair?

Well anyways…

…Here’s what I DO know:

What I just gave you is a recipe for swift, no-nonsense sales!

Now, in closing, here’s a no-nonsense question for ya bad self:

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