How To Become an ‘Email Marketing Ronaldo’


..I’m going to give you, what I believe, is the greatest “secret to success” you could ever learn.

This “secret to success” pertains to any field of endeavour, activity or venture you might undertake, not just email-marketing.

It’s an ancient secret to success that throughout history has taken ordinary men and women and propelled them to places of leadership, influence and great eminence.

Are you getting excited yet?

Don’t get too excited Pookie.

You ain’t gonna like this secret very much.

Nobody does.

I guess that’s why there’s so few highly successful people in the world.

Anyway, I’ve strung you along enough here, let me reveal the greatest secret to success to you by quoting a popular saying:

“The harder I work the luckier I get”.

Yes, all things being equal, when it comes to achieving success, “hard work” is…

…The Greatest Secret Of Them All!

Huh! I told you that you wouldn’t like it.

What did you say?

You think I’m overvaluing the importance of hard work?

You think that intelligence, talent, upbringing and your current network have more of an influence of your success than plain old working hard?

Well Pookie, let me answer that by quoting a man who understood success and achievement possibly better than almost any other man – Alexander Graham Bell :

“A man owes very little to what he is born with. A man is what he makes of himself.”

Hear, hear!

And here’s another thing: Don’t buy into the “work smarter not harder” philosophy.

This “ear tickling phrase” is the lazy man’s mantra.

Let me tell you something:

Yes, there are smarter ways to do things.

There are certain insights you can pick up along the way that can shortcut your journey to success.

And would you like to know who the people are that discover these shortcuts and smarter ways to do things?

Okay, I’ll tell you:

The people who discover the “smart way” to do things are…

...The People Who Work The Hardest!


Now, back to this quote…I don’t know who first said “The harder I work the luckier I get”, but it really doesn’t matter, does it?

What does matters is this:

That you put the greatest secret to success (hard work) to work in your life, and yes, to your email marketing.

Hey, you know what I’m sick of hearing?

It’s this:

“Kelvin, I’m already working 12 hours a day on my business, I don’t have the time to write emails every day!”

Aww, paw Pookie iz too bwizy to wite sum emails.


“These folk are essentially saying that they don’t have time to increase their business profits?”

Look, the folk that complain about being too busy to write emails to promote their product, service or business are in fact, just a lost cause.

They simply don’t understand the power and ability of email marketing to explode your business profits when done right (The Maverick’s way).

And frankly, I’m not the slightest bit interested in trying to convince or educate these ignoramus biz owners on the power of email marketing.

I’d have more luck convincing a vegan who’s a member of an anti-corporation group into chowing down two Big Macs!

BTW, I just gave you an extremely valuable sales and marketing lesson right there – don’t sell to folk who need to be educated on what you have to sell. ONLY sell to folk who understand your product or service and WANT it.

Now, back to the topic of hard work.

I was watching a documentary on Cristiano Ronaldo the other day (It’s on YouTube. Hey, what can I say? I’m cheap!)

It’s called: The Making Of Ronaldo.

What struck me the most watching this documentary was a comment made by Ronaldo’s high school coach, Paul Clement.

Here’s what Paul Clement said:

“Ronaldo was no more talented than the rest of the boys. What separated Ronaldo from the rest was how hard this kid worked. That’s what gave him the edge”.

And guess what?

Anybody who’s successfully increased their businesses profits with email marketing didn’t do it by sheer chance, or by natural talent, or by copying their competition.

No, no, no.

Their email marketing was successful because they worked harder on their email game than their lazy competitors.

That’s right, they rolled up their sleeves, got down on their knees and sunk their fingernails deep into the email marketing dirt and…

…Dug Like Crazy Until They Struck Email Marketing Gold!

In case I’m being a little too “metaphorical happy” for you, when I say “email marketing gold”, I mean: Increase of Business Profits.

Yep, more bucks, bones, chedda, green stuff, whatever you wanna call it.

I mean, isn’t that the whole goal with email marketing and business – to make sales and increase profits?

Make no mistake, the goal is always sales.

Sales is how we keep score in the game of email marketing.

Email marketing without sales is like playing a an entire soccer match (I know they call it football – I don’t!) without scoring a single goal.

That’s called:


Personally, I’m more into winning.

Now listen…

..If you wanna kick more goals (make more sales) with your email marketing, you simply need to work harder on your “email game” than your competitors work on theirs.

And guess what?

That’s an incredibly easy thing to do.


Cuz hardly anybody is working on their email game.

They may do email marketing, but they sure as hell aren’t working on improving it.

They prefer to blindly put all their faith into tools like; autoresponders; subject line checkers; visual website optimizer, and the other kind of “Tools” – so called “email marketing experts” who analyze (notice the first 4 letters of that word) and track every statistic other than the one stat that really matters – SALES!

Okay Kelvin, I hear what you’re saying, but how do I work on my email marketing game?

You know, I really like how you ask me just the right question at just the right time.

And here’s my answer to you:

You should do the following 4 things:

First thing you should do upon getting out of bed (preferably before 5:00 am) is to chug down 750 ml of water and then break out into 70  crunches followed by 350 sit ups and then cap it off with a hand-stand in which you hold for 15 minutes.

This should get your body all limbered up and make your mind super alert, ready to start writing your first promotional email for the day.

Wow Kelvin!, do you really do all that every morning?


I hate exercise.

But, you asked me what you should do, and I think that early morning routine would probably be a very positive thing for you to do.

But if you hate getting up early and exercising as much as me, then simply skip the first step.

Let’s move to step #2

Practice your copywriting skills.

Yes, I’m talking about approaching “copywriting” like you would a soccer training session.

What do they do at soccer training, or any other sport, for that matter?

That’s right, they do “drills” to get their skills razor sharp.

But you can’t do drills with copywriting, right?


There’s plenty of drills you can perform when it comes to copywriting.

Now, imagine this scenario.

Let’s say that you ask me – The Maverick – to be your copywriting coach.

I inform you on how much money you would need to pay me.

And after picking yourself up off the ground upon hearing my exorbitant fee – and paying me that exorbitant fee – I would set the following drills for you to relentlessly go over and over and over.

Here are those drills:

Go to a reputable copywriting blog that has swipe files (a collection of winning sales letters) and copy those sales letters out by hand.


You wanna know how many sales letters you should copy in your own handwriting and how often?

Ahh Pookie, you were doing so well until you asked that lame-brain question.


…It depends on how good you wanna be.

If you really want to amp up your email game and write such persuasive sales copy that your readers start frantically reaching for their credit cards while reading your copy, then…

…you’ll copy out as many sales letters as you can, and you’ll do it as often as you can!

Pure and simple.


Next, I’d get you to do the exact same exercise, but this time, you’ll be copying out a collection of bullets.

Then you do the same with “headlines”.

BTW, a great website for these drills is called: Hard To Find Ads.

It has a great collection of winning sales letters, bullets and headlines written from the world’s best copywriters.

Next, I would get you reading some good fiction books.


To get your “storytelling chops” up.

A crucial skill to hone in the email marketing game.

Next, I would get your to do market research.

You can never do this too much.

The more you know about your market, the better.

If you don’t have a deep understanding of your market, you’re screwed.

Most folk who are struggling online are as confused as a senior citizen with an ipod when it comes to knowing their market.

They don’t have a specific group of people identified as their target market.

And even if they have a specific group of people, they’re clueless about what these folk really hate and really love.

Now, let’s get a little more practical with our market research.

Here’s what I would get you to do:

I would get you to go to and look at all the books that are selling well in your industry, niche or market, and then read through all the reviews (3 to 4 star reviews are best. A lot of the 5 star reviews these days are as fake as a 3 dollar bill).

This will give your-righteous-self a ton of insight into your market’s likes and dislikes.

Next, I’d get you to find some of the top online forums in your market.

What you want to do in these forums is just be a fly on a wall.

What are the hot topics and discussions going on in there?

You’ll learn a lot about your market in these forums. People really speak their minds in these forums.

They’re basically telling you all their hot-buttons and thus; how to “sell” to them.

It’s gold for us marketers.

So there you go….

…I’ve just given you (for freakin’ free) an “email marketing game workout” that will give you that “Ronaldo Edge” over your competition.

The only questions that remains:

Do you have that “Ronaldo work ethic” to do it?


Listen, here’s one more way to upgrade your “email game”:

The Maverick’s Email Critique 


Kelvin Dorsey ~ Email Marketing Maverick