Shut Up, Stop Typing, And Listen!

As you probably already know, I like to study highly influential men and women who have achieved great things.

The reason is simple:

I’m looking to steal their secrets of success so I can use them for my own evil purposes.

American music producer Quincy Jones is one such person.

Not only is Quincy one of the most successful music producers in history, he’s also an actor, conductor, arranger, composer, musician, television producer, film producer, instrumentalist, magazine founder, entertainment company executive, and humanitarian.

Impressive, eh?

And at age 84, he still has more fingers in pies than a lepper in a cooking class.

Well anyway, one fine day a New York music journalist asked Mr. Jones what his secret was for producing amazing albums.

Here’s what Quincy told the journo:

“I learned real early why God gave us two ears and one mouth. Because in the studio you’re supposed to listen twice as much as you talk.”

Do you, dear subscriber, know how Quincy’s answer relates to copywriting?

Well, don’t worry, cuz I’m gonna tell ya.

You see, being a great music producer is not so much about barking orders to everyone in the studio as it is listening to the music that’s being played, and letting what you hear guide your decisions.

A great producer responds to what he hears.

It’s the music that determines which nobs and dials on the mixing desk get pushed.

It’s all about the music.

And so it is with email copywriting.

I’ll explain.

Email copywriting is not so much about writing clever words and phrases as much as it is listening to your market.

A great copywriter responds to what he hears from his market.

It’s the market that determines which words and phrases a copywriter will use.

Truly, truly, I say to you, it’s ALL about the market.

You see, unless you truly know your market, communicating with them will be a sad, meaningless pursuit.


You say you DO know your market, and you just wanna know how to write emails that will get them to respond?

Geez, why didn’t you speak up earlier?

You could have saved me all that writing.

Look, if you just wanna get your subscribers to take the actions you want them to take, it’s very simple:

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