the value of


Here’s an interesting observation:

An “email database” and “money” share a unique quality.

And that quality is this:

They both have an “actual value” and a “potential value”.

Their “actual value” is the value they have in and of themselves.

Their “potential value” is determined by who owns them.

I shall now illustrate “potential value”.

You see, if you put $10, 000 in my hot-little-hands, I’d immediately go out and spend half of it on expensive are rare bottles of whiskey, an electric drum kit for my office, and countless pairs of Air Jordans ranging back from the early 90’s, and the other half….I’d probably just waste.

Now, if you put $10,000 into the hands of Warren Buffett, it would be a very different story. Warren would probably turn that ten Grand into fifty grand within a matter of months.

Thus, the “potential value” of that ten grand is subject to who uses it.

A dollar in the hands of an investor is far more valuable than a dollar in the hands of, well, someone like me.

Simply because an investor possesses something I don’t; namely: knowledge and insights into investing.

And the same holds true for an email database.

If you gave the average marketer a health product and a database of 10,000 qualified prospects to sell it to, they would be clueless as to what emails to send them, and as sure as dog crap smells, they would struggle to make sales. Sure, they might make a few sales from that list eventually, but only in the same way that a monkey will eventually type a word if given a typewriter.

The point is this:

An email database in the hands of an amateur marketer (the average biz owner) is like having high internet speed in North Korea – it’s a total waste!

Now, on the other hand, if you gave that same product and email database to someone who is a true email marketing master (The Email Marketing Maverick), then suddenly that email database becomes incredibly valuable.

You see, if The Maverick got his greedy little paws on that email list, he would be making money hand over fist. It would be akin to watching a great-white-shark in a feeding frenzy.

Thus, all things being equal, an email subscriber in the hands of The Maverick is far more valuable than an email subscriber in the hands of a rank amateur.

Again, simply because I have insights and knowledge on email marketing that the average marketer doesn’t.

Now hear this:

I have a thirst for sales and copywriting that makes Tiger Wood’s desire for sex seem like nothing more than a mild urge. And because of this morbid obsession with sales and copywriting, I have gained certain insights other (less obsessed) marketers will never learn. But there is also a downside to this obsession. When it comes to, well, anything other than sales and copywriting, I’m a complete moron.

You see, my brain could be broken down like this:

The Maverick’s Demented Brain:

3% names

1% phone numbers

1% Stuff I should know

95% sales and copywriting

Well anyway, I have compiled all my “sales and copywriting” knowledge and insights into a product I call The Maverick’s Email Playbook To Doubling Your Sales.

However, if you are like me when it comes to money (i.e., much better at spending it than investing it), perhaps you should hold off from buying my Playbook.

Maybe you should first ground yourself in a few simple money investment principles (like I’m trying to do)



Because if you went through my Email Playbook and started implementing everything you learned, you’d start raking in the bucks like never before and not having a sound financial plan in place to capitalize on the flood of money pouring in wouldn’t be wise.

Ah, who am I kidding, you’re gonna do what you’re gonna do.

Look, all investing money talk aside.

The bottom line is this:

If you want your list of subscribers to become much more valuable (profitable) to you, then you must first become more valuable yourself.

I’ll finish with this truth:

Every insight into sales and copywriting you gain increases the “potential value” of your email list.

If you think you’re ready for the Maverick’s Email Playbook, travel here: Playbook