My Other Woman And I Make Sweet Tender Sales

All I need to make a comedy is a park, a policeman and a pretty girl.” Charlie Chaplin


I love Email.

All you need to make money with her is a computer with internet access, an email account and something to sell.

She’s beautiful in her simplicity.

And deadly in her efficiency

Hey, Kelvin, what about direct mail, or Facebook ads, or Pinterest, or Google Adwords, or Twitter?

You can have ’em.

I’ll take my sancha Email Marketing over the rest of those “glamour” mediums any day of the week.

Sure, Email might not be the most sophisticated or prettiest girl at the bar, but she puts out like no other.


I apologize for this metaphor.

But it clearly illustrates my point, doesn’t it?


Look, if you’re ready to ramp up the profits in your business, there’s no better way to do it than with my ole girl Email.

Like I said, she ain’t pretty, but if you know how to treat her right, she will make you a very happy camper.

And, there’s no better way (at least to my knowledge) to improve your email game than grabbing the Maverick’s Email Playbook.

Which you can get here: The Maverick’s Email Playbook To Doubling Your Sales

Just remember, if you treat her right (Email), you and Email will be makin’ sweet-tender-sales in no time.

Kelvin, you said you were sorry about using such a tasteless metaphor?

Okay, so I lied.


And you’ve never told a fib?

The nerve of you.



Email Marketing Maverick