Boxing Ricky Hatton v Jose Luis Castillo

How To Effortlessly Punch Out Sale After Sale

You know.. …writing a sales-message is very much like boxing. How so? I’ll tell ya so. Both involve bringing down the other person’s defenses. But more on that in a minute. First some context for ya. There’s a popular “fighting strategy” in boxing that is based on the methodology of tree cutting (i.e. When you…

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Do You Know What You’re Really Selling?

“Consumers do not buy products. They buy product benefits” ~ David Ogilvy Listen up… …If you want your “sales messages” to convert like an atheist on a plane with double-engine-failure…then this will be extremely valuable information to you. Hmm. I see your still reading Pookie. Veddy wise. You’ll make a buttload more sales if you…

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Love Thy Customer

Imma back! You ready for some more “marketing and sales secrets” that’ll put more bacon on your sandwich? Of course you are. So let’s do it. Now, this one’s kinda philosophical, so stick with me ok? Jolly good. I wanna share something I read online a while back. I thought it was so insightful I…

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“How To Be Completely Different In Your Industry Even If You’re Exactly The Same”

Psst. Come here…. …listen. If you wanna know how to make your product or service stand-out and appear far superior to your competition, even if your product or service has no point of difference…. ….then keep on a readin’. Your still reading? I knew you’d be interested in this one. Ok, let’s roll. Have you…

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How To Increase Your Sales And IQ At The Same Time

Sup? Have you heard of the “Mozart effect”? It’s the idea that if you listen to classical music it increases your IQ. Well guess what Pookie? I did a little research on this and here’s what I discovered: Yeppers! It all checks out. Listening to classical music DOES increase your brain function. It’s scientifically proven.…

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Epic Advertising-Fails Compilation

Classified ad (I thought this was pretty funny) ——————————————————— Young attractive male seeks female dive buddy for shared recreation and friendship, must have boat. Please send photo of boat. ——————————————————— Hahah. Love it. Subtle as a gynecologist wearing a gas-mask, isn’t it? Reminds me of a lot of the advertising I see online today. I…

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Taking A Deep-Dive On The Art Of The Selling

How goes it ? Today we look at “selling”.. and… …boil it right down to it’s most pure form. Ok, let’s do it. I’ve noticed that sales gurus love to complicate the sales process. You know… it takes real a sales guru to make “selling” appear as complicated as quantum electrodynamics. They’ll natter on about…

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Why Scientists Are Cooler Than Entrepreneurs

Ehhh, what’s up Doc? Hmm… …you’ve just read my headline and you don’t seem convinced, huh? Well let’s see if i can’t convince you Boo-Boo. Here goes… Since the dawn of time the “scientist” has been carrying mankind on his big-hairy-scientific-back. When cavemen sat around in the dark eating cold raw raptor, who do you…

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