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Colosseum Salesmanship


Proximo:  You are good Spaniard, but you’re not that good. You could be magnificent.

Maximus:  I am required to kill, so I kill. That is enough.

Proximus:  That’s enough for the provinces, but not for Rome.    ~ From the movie Gladiator


Ahh, yes……


One of the few movies you can watch again and again.

In this scene (above) Maximus’s current mindset and skill were not BIG enough.

There was going to come a big step up for Maximus.

Going from the provinces to Rome, the stakes will be severely raised. And more will be demanded of him.

And here’s where I wonderfully and masterfully tie this all up with selling ya stuff online.

I’ve seen it time and time again, where someone is selling a product to family, friends and even to a local market (The Provinces) and then attempt to transition to selling online (Rome).

And like Maximus, they say:

“I am required to sell, so I sell. That is enough”.

But alas…..

It ain’t enough.

Sooo much more is needed and demanded of you when going from selling offline to selling online.

Cuz online you’ll most likely be selling in the form of a sales video or sales letter (Page).

And selling in print must be learnt.

Aka copywriting.

Listen Boo boo….

If ya want people to buy from your righteous self online,  learn copywriting.

Not learning it will keep you a day late and a dollar short.

And frustrated as an Amish electrician.

Ya know, winning prospects over face to face is one thing, but to do it online is a whole other deal.

If you’re selling anything online and ya haven’t read the books I’ve listed below…..

Fie on you!

Aight, here’s the list of books to immerse your bad self into:

* Kick-ass Copywriting Secrets of a Marketing Rebel ~ John Carlton

* Hypnotic Writing ~ Joe Vitale

* The Letter Book ~ Robert Collier

*  How to Write a Good Advertisement ~ Victor Schwab

Gaining the valuable insights from these books is like having a 40 meter head-start in a 100 meter race.

That’s it for today.

Carpe diem! (Look it up)


Kelvin Dorsey

Why You Should Be Writing a NOT To-Do-List


G’day mate!

I’ve been readin’ a Hoo Haa! of a book.

It’s called “The One Thing” By Gary Keller.

Gary’s a big believer of mastery.

The books theme is basically, avoid being a Jack of all trades and master of none.

And I totally subscribe to this clear-minded and well….”correct” way of thinking.

I mean….

Why do everything sloppily and second-rate when you can master “one thing” and outsource the rest eh?


You’re not convinced chief?

Then let me put it in plain, blunt verse:

Most folk, especially those with an online biz, are floundering around trying to do it all. They never stick with one thing, never master one thing.

You’ve got techtarded folk tryin’ to do SEO, corporate-minded stiffies attempting to write interesting content.

This leaves them as confused as a Chameleon in a bag of skittles.

They’re hemorrhaging their time, money and energy.


Once you work out what your “one thing” is (Play to your natural strengths and abilities), don’t waste ya bandwith on everything else. Instead, get about honing your chops until you master that one thing.

Once you have a skill that is top-notch, results WILL come.

Others will notice.

You’ll be sought out. And opportunities for joint ventures will abound.

Most folk have trouble in business cuz they bring nothing to the table.

No skill.

No mastery.

And that’s why they get no attention from leaders in their industry.

They just continue being Jack-of-all-trades. And set up shop in Struggleville.

No one wants to do business with someone who doesn’t bring a skill, knowledge or asset to the deal.

You’ll be avoided like off prawns.

Now….let me payoff the headline for ya.

Ahh…the ol’ faithful to-do-list.

It’s a sneaky little devil.

Most folk get all pleased with themselves cuz they have a list of 10 activities and plough their righteous self through it.

More times than not, 8 or 9 of those things on the list are pure fluff.

No real substance.

Have no real bearing on your business.

These 9 activities might keep ya as busy as a one armed brickie, but being busy doesn’t always mean productive.

These poor misguided souls confuse completing tasks for productivity (Bringin’ in the cheddar).

Know this:

It’s mucho more important what you DON’T have on your to-do-list than what you DO.

Bethink oneself this:

What’s the ONE activity that’ll bring in more business or make more sales? Then do dat…do dat!

And only that.

Forget the other 9 amigo.

They can wait.

Are you picking up what I’m putting down here?

Once you adopt this “one thing” mindset, rather than doing the many…you’ll be on the fast track to success.


Before I shoot off into another rabbit hole with this concept, I’m gonna sign off.

Methinks you got the idea.

Mahvelous stuff eh?




Kelvin Dorsey

Why You Should Rub Salt Into Your Prospects Wounds



I probably shouldn’t share this with you…….

…could get me in some serious hot water, BUT…..

Like always, there’s a valuable marketing/sales lesson nicely wrapped inside.

So here goes:

My wife does all the cooking in our household.

Seems a bit unfair doesn’t it?


The only reason she does ALL the cooking is, my two daughters are still too young to cook.

Heh, he.


Bec often askes me for ideas for what to cook.

My response is always the same:

“I can’t think of any right now,  I’ll think about some later and let ya know. Now pass me a beer!” (Relax, that’s a joke)

And……I never actually get around to giving her some dinner ideas for whatever reason, until……

….the other day.

Bec did something that made me all of a sudden, go away and rack my brain for meal suggestions until I had a menu any restaurant would be happy with.

So what did my ol’ lady do that finally got me off my assimus. And take action on her request?

Well……I’ll tell ya.

She cooked me a hamburger.

That’s right buttercup.

A hamburger.

But I’m not talkin’ about your ordinary hamburger here.

No sur!

Bec’s hamburgers are as dry as a cardboard box. With as much flavour too.

They ain’t pretty.

It’s a dinner she ALWAYS serves up when she’s stumped for ideas.

And she served up that sorry excuse for a hamburger AGAIN the other night.

I know, I know…..seems all a bit ungrateful this doesn’t it?

But I forgive her.

Now listen up, here comes the sales/marketing lesson.

In particular, how to get “prospects” to respond to your calls to action (Buy or sign up etc..).

When Bec served me those dastardly-bad-burgers once again, I knew she was struggling for lack of inspiration and ideas.

I felt sorry for her, but felt even more sorry for myself. Knowing that this thing she calls a “hamburger” is my dinner.

A man can only stomach so many of these.

I was fed up!

Lot’s of puns eh?


These burgers have become a real thorn-in-my-side (after you eat one ya get some other pain in your side too).

I tell ya, these burgers were givin’ me grief.


This must stop.

I wanted to eat anything but that burger.

And that my friend, is what caused me to take action.

Pain and frustration.

Wanting something to stop.

When you want a prospect to respond to your call of action (Buy or sign up), find out their sore spot. Then rub salt in it.

If they’re an internet marketer, talk about not getting leads or sales. If you sell to golfers, talk about not being able to hit the ball straight.

Find their pain, then intensify it.

Make ém feel it.

Even wallow.

Let them hang their head like a beatin’ favourite.

Then provide a way out. Which is where your mention your product and drop your link.

Pain, it’s one helluva  powerful motivator.

When in pain, people seek ways to end it.

Ya just gotta know your markets pain.

Know this about your prospects:

The more pain…..the more ready to buy.

So use this in your marketing message and watch ye old trusty cash register start ringing.

That’ll be all.


Kelvin Dorsey


P.S   My wife really is a great cook, it’s just those freakin’ hamburgers (Cringe).


How’s doing?

Short story today.

It’s got a valuable sales lesson inside.

Yes….it’ll help you turn your prospects NO’s into YES’s.

The story:

I walk in to our TV room where my 2 young daughters are slouched almost inside the lounge. Eyes transfixed at the TV screen. Drool hanging out side of their little mouths.

My job is to get these little princesses bathed and pyjamed ready for bed.

And that task can be tougher than a $5 pub steak.

“Who want’s to have their bath FIRST?” I ask.

Bad question to ask young children too.

Very BAD!

You’ve just started World War 3.

They’re NOT gonna come to a civilized agreement between themselves anytime soon.

Instead, they’ll fight to the death to get one up on their sibling.

And sure enough….they’re fighting over NOT being the “first” one to have a bath.

They don’t want to leave their favourite TV show.

And they HATE baths.

So their answer to my stoopid question was an emphatic “NO, not me!”

Now watch how I cunningly flip their shrieking “NO, not me!”….. into a excitable “YES, me!”

Like a chess master, I turned defense into offence.

I say:

“Girls…..I’d choose to have FIRST bath if I were you. Do ya know why I’d want to go first?”

I see their curious little minds whirring into action.

“Why dad?”  They ask.


“Cuz if you go first, you don’t have to sit in the dirty bath water left over from the first person”.

I then paint the not- so- pretty picture:

“Girls, that means you’re now sitting in water that someone else’s butt-hole has been sittin’ in for who knows how long. There could even be left over poop-floaties”.

I hear ém “GASP!” in unison.

Heh, heh (Stops ém drinkin’ the bath water too).

And that one extra bit of information did the trick.

All of a sudden, their “NO” has become “YES”.

And they’re now fighting about going first.


I didn’t say it was perfect.

But I did turn their “no” into a “yes”.

And this is exactly what YOU can do with your prospects “no’s”.

You see….

Prospects are just like children.

They have a capricious nature (I sound smart using that word don’t I?)


A “No” from a prospect is only a “No” based on their current information they have about your product or service.

My girls thought having last bath was a good benefit. Turns out, with some more information, It ain’t such a good benefit after all. Now having “first” bath becomes super appealing.

So, giving your prospect a new piece of information (Benefit) can truly flip a “no” into a “yes”.

Awright, that’s a wrap for today.



Kelvin Dorsey