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Email Marketers These Days…*Sheesh*



Today…I’m gonna natter-on about email-marketing.

But  specifically…. on a common “attitude” of email-marketers, that really gives me the tom-tits.

If I could sum-up this “attitude” in a word, it’d be this:



An ugly- word for an ugly-attitude.

It means:

To disesteem, belittle, devalue, cheapen, or take for granted.

That’s right chief, most internet marketers have this attitude towards email-marketing in spades. And it comes across in their promotional (spammy pitches) emails.

Fumbling idiot marketers fartin’  out emails like there’s no tomorrow, just cuz it’s cheap and easy.

But alas….

Easy has become greasy.

Yep, when something’s free or cheap – the nitwits come-a-knockin’ .

But direct marketing (you know that’s all internet marketing is right?) didn’t used to be this way. It used to cost an-arm-and-a-leg for those “old school” marketers to mail out and offer or sales pitch to a prospect or customer.

Every mail-out was important.

It either made money, or lost money.

These ol’ boys had real skin-in-the-game.

Nothing was takin lightly, or for granted.

Because of the research,time, preperation and cost involved, these old-time marketers painstakingly crafted their sales pitch to ensure it got read, and delivered sales.

They cared for the “marketing process” like a mother cares for her newborn.

If you read one of their sales letters, you’d notice how well crafted they were.

They grabbed your attention from the first word and didn’t let ya go. They were full of insight, knowledge, personality, stories and an absolute barn-stormer of an offer.



Just cuz (with email-marketing) you don’t have to put your sales pitch in a envelope, lick a stamp and pay out-the-nose for a mass mailing, doesn’t mean ya should comprimise on quality of salemanship.

Instead, do what the old school direct marketing greats did: Pour out ya soul. Sell with class and enthusiasm. Make it a fun ride.

An experience that makes ‘em want to buy.

If you take this (correct) approach with ye good ol’ email-marketing…..

You’ll stand stick out like an honest man in the Whitehouse.

And make mo’  sales to boot.

It ain’t really that hard a dance to do.


Time for me to nut and bolt.


Kelvin Dorsey

It’s Hard To Argue With The Worlds Richest Comedian

Being sued ... Jerry Seinfield.

I thought I was wrong once, but I found out later I was mistaken. ~ E. Abbey

Howz it goin?

As  an online marketer, ya hear a lot of talk about peoples ever-decreasing “attention spans”.

Gotta admit….

I bought into this notion hook-line and sinker too.


I read this quote from Jerry Seinfeld:

“There is no such thing as an attention span. There is only the quality of what you are viewing.  This whole idea of an attention span is, I think, a misnomer. People have an infinite attention span if you are entertaining them.”


It’s kinda hard to argue with eh?

The dude makes as much sense as he does money, that’s fo’ sho’ .

This quote got my grey-matter whirling into action. And I instantly thought about movies.

People will sit down, eyeballs glued to the TV screen for almost 2 and a half hours.

That’s just cuz it’s a movie I hear you say.

No dear Watson….it’s because it’s entertaining content.

That’s the golden-key.

So, what are we learning here?


If you entertain someone, you hold their attention.

So arming your good-self with this knowledge, what must thee do when marketing online.



Ahh……Now you’re on the trolly.

Know this:

If you want a prospects attention, there must be a trade. You give them entertainment in exchange for their attention.

And the more attention you want, the more you should entertain.

It’s the ONLY way in today’s wide-world of hype…saturation and information overload.

Now, don’t get me wrong here.

I’m not sayin’ JUST entertain.


I’m saying you must wrap up your content in an entertaining and fresh way.

Teach…but also entertain.

Sell, but also entertain.

Just know this…..

If ya don’t ge….hey…Hey! LISTEN UP! I was saying…If ya don’t get their attention, you can’t sell to them either.

And a marketer who can’t get attention, has skinny kids.

Check and mate.


Kelvin Dorsey


What up?

Yep…todaze one’s a bit weird….but it works like magic.

So scoff not.

If you do content marketing…info-products or email marketing…..LISTEN UP.

Here’s a silly question to start:

Do you want more dinero?

Of course ya do.

And how do we get mo’ money?

By bringing value to the marketplace.

Good answer chief.

You’ve obviously been readin’ my emails.

Keep it up.

Ok, so we gotta bring more value. Easier said than done though eh?

Well, let me help ya out my good-loyal-email-readin’ friend.

Ya ready?

Ok……It’s writing your content as if you were writing it to your own son or daughter (Or a dearly-loved one).

Yep, told ya it was weird. But oh-so powerful.

I got this idea from reading the late Gary Halbert’s book called -The Boron Letters. The book’s a collection of all the letters Gary wrote to his son Bond while in Boron prison. Gary’s teaching his son the family business of direct marketing and marketing and sales in general.

It’s lauded as one of the best books on  - direct marketing/ copywriting (READ IT).

The Boron Letters is devoid of all fluff (All killer, no filler).

It’s jam-packed full of behind-the-curtain secrets, insider knowledge and closely-guarded-secrets that other elite marketers wouldn’t want shared.

Why’s Gary giving away so much high-value info?

Ya don’t have to be Einstein here……

Cuz he’s writing it to his beloved son.

He gave all the value he could muster and out it gushed.

And you too can tap into this mother-load of inspiration and heart-felt value with your content.

Just do this weird-little-mind-trick:

Pretend you’re writing it for you precious loved one.



But work it does.

Apply it, and watch the value start pouring out of thee.

That will be all.


Kelvin Dorsey

Why You Should Be Reading Out-Loud


How fare you?


I share with ya a quirky-little-tip that’ll make your sales copy flow like the Amazon river.

And yes, the title gave it away didn’t Boo Boo?

But no matter.

Ya know, my writing wasn’t always sublime.

I know you’re finding that hard to believe.

But it’s true Amigo.

It wasn’t until I stumbled across the-one-and-only Gary Halbert (aka “the Prince of print”) that it started to improve.

And here’s Gary golden tip:

Yep, the late-great Gary Halbert (legendary DM/copywriter) would read his copy out loud.


Did Gary just like the sound of his voice?

Well, many would say that he did. But there was another reason.

Here’s what Gary said:

“Advertising writing has to be the best writing of all. It needs to flow from start to finish without a bump or a bubble. You should always read your sales copy out-loud. What happens is, you’ll verbally stumble over all the places that are not smooth. Then, of course, what you do, is rewrite the rough spots and read the copy out-loud again. And, what you do, is you keep repeating this process until your copy is completely smooth and you don’t stumble at all”.

Ahh…..wise words from a man who only got to eat if his sales letters worked (And Gary ate like a King).

Listen cap’n…..

It’s just plain ol’ common sense. You’d be put-off from buying if the salesperson selling you face to face slurred…stammered and stutterd over his sales presentation. You’d likely be more focused on how BAD his delivery is, or tryin’ to get the hell away, that you’d NOT be focused on what he’s actually trying to sell you.

And you don’t want this……EVER.

Ya see, your advertising copy (Your delivery) has to NOT draw attention to itself. You want the reader to be totally captivated on WHAT your selling, and not on HOW your selling it.

I’ve heard it said, that your sales copy should be like a window (Almost invisible) that alows your prospect to look through and explore your product.


Jolly good.

Well, I could keep tappin’ away on this stuff all day, but I intended to only give away that one tip.

So if ya got more out of this than Gary’s tip…..mahvelous.

Be easy.


Kelvin Dorsey