Does Your Sales Pitch Have a Slippery Foundation?


In my very short drum-career (18 months)... ....I was fortunate enough to play a few one-off gigs for some popular Australian artists. One gig I'll NEVER forget, was a charity-gig at Melbourne's Regent Theatre. I was playing for Paul Kelly , and was excited to be playing for an established and successful-artist, in a nice venue for a change, instead of playing for ... [Continue Reading]

Don’t Be Green When It Comes To Makin’ The Green


Q. What's the first thing a drummer says at work? A. Would you like fries with that? Q. What do you call a drummer who breaks up with his girlfriend? A. Homeless. Funny but true (mostly). Why the drummer jokes? Well, cuz today I'm gonna "drop science" on marketing by taking two different drummers and putting their drum careers under the "marketing ... [Continue Reading]

Rehab For Information Junkies?


Let me tell you a little tale: One day, back in the early 1900's... ...Henry Ford was sitting down having his morning coffee while reading the Chicago Tribune. And, he read something that made his bum-hairs prickle. You see, at that time, Henry had just won a court-case that allowed his company to compete in the automotive market, and some over zealous ... [Continue Reading]

It Ain’t Mean A Thing If It Ain’t Got That Ring


Howz it swingin'? I'm gonna riff on "sales and marketing" 1930's style today. Ya dig? Then let's jive. One of the most popular songs from the 1930's was a song called: "It ain't mean a thing if ain't got that swing" It was a Duke Ellington song. Would you like to know how the song-title came about? Well, I'm gonna tell ya anyway, Pookie. Methinks ... [Continue Reading]

Obsessive Computer Tracking Disorder


Hey.... ...Imagine this: A local barber - let's call him Frank - spends all day keeping track of people that enter his barber shop to enquire about his services. That's right, enquiries. Not future bookings. Not immediate bookings. Nope. Frank's ONLY interested in tracking "enquiries". Frank's so obsessed with "enquiries", he decides to put a bigger ... [Continue Reading]

Are You Scaring Off Customers?


I was observing two of my kids yesterday. (I only have ONE more, ok) They were feeding the fat-little-rainbow-lorikeets that keep flying into our backyard. They're fat cuz they chow-down the white-bread we give 'em like there's no tomorrow. I tell ya, white bread's like "cocaine" to those little birdies. My wife says I'm killing those cute little birdies by ... [Continue Reading]

Putting Your ‘Productivity’ On Steroids For Bigger Results


Y'know... ...over the last few months... ...I haven't known my arse from my elbow. And I've been as frustrated as a one-armed-trapeze-artist with an itchy arse! Why? Well, that's a damn good question. And, it's the same question I asked myself. So, a few weeks ago I sat my gluteus-maximus down to see if I couldn't come up with the ... [Continue Reading]

A Sneaky Way To Impress Your Prospects With Your Product Or Service


You know... ...some of my family and friends are completely clueless when it comes to "sport". Sport for them is as relevant as yesterday's newspaper. They simply don't CARE about sport. Hmm. I marvel at this type of apathy towards "sport." Case in point: A friend of mine (She's Australian) went to a 50th birthday party, and at that party was the ... [Continue Reading]

Sales And Marketing Snafu


Back in the day - 1997 AD.... ... I was 19, and dating my now wife, Rebecca. We hadn't been together long at the time, and Rebecca went away on a holiday by herself to visit her family. And while she was away, she decided to buy me a little gift. I guess she didn't want to lose me. And who could blame her for that!? Anyway... You wouldn't BELIEVE what ... [Continue Reading]

When It Comes To Internet-Traffic, You’re Either Walking Or Driving


Free. Free - Free. Free-free-freakin'-FREE!!! In the internet marketing space, the word: "free" is more overused than Snoop Dogg's ashtray. And for good reason. It works. But here's the thing.... ....when it comes to marketing, "free" can be a dangerous word. It must be used with caution. Why? Cuz it attracts the "online cheapskate" You ... [Continue Reading]