Why Nobody’s Clicking On Your Content – And What To Do About It

Howz going? I gotta question for ya: Do you know how much of your content a prospect will read if your content has a poor headline? If you answered: "None of it!" You'd be correct, Amigo. If you answered anything other than: None, zilch, nada, zippo, jack-all, nix, diddly-squat, not a freakin' thing - then you have.... ...An Obnoxiously High-Degree Of ... [Continue Reading]

Now What? – The Most Deadly Phrase In Business

Howz doin'? And your online-biz-thang? How's that going? Kicking "patootie and taking names" I hope. Huh? You wanna know what I've been up to? Okay, I'll tell you. I've been watching a very entertaining TV series called: Breakout. It's a TV series done by National Geographic. Each episode is a dramatized story about a real-life prison ... [Continue Reading]

How To Write Headlines That Snarl, Growl and Roar!

  YES!.... This one's gonna be about writing headlines/subject lines, too. I know I've been banging on about "writing headlines" lately, but there is good reason for it, my Dear Watson. You see, most "online marketers" just give "lip-service" to the importance of having a great headline. Don't YOU do that, Pookie. Don't "give nod to" the importance ... [Continue Reading]

Copywriting Tip – How To Kill-Off Your Prospect’s Skepticism

Today... ...I'm comin' at ya like a hurricane! You asked for more ways on how to write sales copy that's believable and that has zero hype, and... ....I have heard your cry. And I will now deliver unto thee a most helpful lesson on how to do just that. No muckin' around today. Just the nitty-gritty details on how to write persuasive sales-copy that ... [Continue Reading]

Does Your Sales-Copy Give Your Readers The Buzz They Need?

  Do you drink coffee? I sure do. I drink it like a Irishman drinks his whiskey - fast, in huge quantities, and in the morning. Anyway... ...did you know that coffee drinkers can develop a tolerance to caffeine? Well, thanks Captain Obvious!, you may say, but stick with me, I'm heading somewhere with this, ok? Onward. For folk that drink 4 to 5 ... [Continue Reading]

Suffering From Marketing Impotency?

Did you hear about this: Iran's women's national soccer team have been accused of having a team in which half of the players are actually men. Yup, the women's national soccer team have been carrying around more balls than what is allowed. In fact, 16 more balls, to be exact. You see, It turns out that eight of the players are on a "sex change" waiting ... [Continue Reading]

The ‘Donnie Brasco Marketing’ Method

  Did you know.... ....that even today, the FBI maintains that there are 5 major organised-crime-families still operating in New York City? Yep, it's true. Sure, they're not the powerful force they once were back in the 50's, 60's and 70's, but they're still there. Anyway... ...One of those 5 crime-families is the Bonanno family. And, back in ... [Continue Reading]

Push-Button Selling

Howz going? Today... ...I'm gonna share with you one of the most powerful marketing lessons a marketer can ever learn. I learnt this from listening to a very rare and old recording of the late great Gary Halbert (a legendary direct marketer). In that audio, Gary shared a little story that contained the oh-so important marketing-lesson I'm sharing with you ... [Continue Reading]

Customer-Service Lesson From a ‘World Class Butler’ That Every Online-Marketer Should Heed

  Once upon a time... ...there was a guy named Bruce Pullman. Bruce was a dentist. Yep, that's right, his professional name was Dr Pullman. After another stressful week of having his hands in other people's mouths, Bruce thought it would be a good idea to have a little night out on the town with his friends to unwind. So he calls his four closest ... [Continue Reading]

Are You a Borg Marketer Or a Djokovic Marketer?

  Remember Bjorn Borg? You know, the charismatic tennis champion from Sweden who dominated tennis in the late seventies, and early eighties. Yeah, him! Well... ...If you're not a sports fan, then you probably don't know this little story: Bjorn Borg stunned the sports world when he retired at the early age of 26. Borg retired at the peak of ... [Continue Reading]