"Become a Super-Persuasive Writer...In Under 10 Minutes"

* How to inject "credibility" into your sales-messages so ALL your product claims are believed (see page 8)

* A little-known-secret to making your product become dramatic and fascinating  (See page 6)

* PLUS...my list of "Selling Words" that grab a reader's attention and won't let go!  (And a whole lot more!)


The Question That Brings You Gold!

Let me tell ya a little tale… On the 24th of September 2000…. ….Ben Hunt-Davis was sitting in a boat at the starting-line for the Sydney Olympic’s Men’s Rowing eight – with 7 of his British-rowing-cronies. It was the final. Ben’s team (Britain) at the time were considered the to be the world’s easy-beats. They…

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Downloads Of Crap!

A funny “Tinder troll” types to potential date: ————————————————————————- Troll: Now that I have a your attention….are you fertile??? Because I have a HUGE favor to ask of you. Girl: Wtf? Troll: I can’t receive my inheritance from my folks unless I have a child, sooo… Of course, I’ll cut you in on some of…

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The Little Known Salesman That Can’t Stop Selling

Remember the TV show Cheers? It’s one of the very few TV shows I can watch over and over. Anyway…. One of the most entertaining (and annoying) characters on Cheers was the “know it all” mail-man named: Cliffy Clavin. A “genius” in-his-own-mind, Cliffy would always be spouting-off ridiculous “little known facts” to anyone within earshot.…

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The Internet-Marketer’s Super-Power

  So I just finished watching a TV series called: Daredevil. Yes, it’s about a Marvel comic superhero but….. ….don’t let that put you off. I’m no “Marvel Comic fanboy” but, I loved this show. After the first two episodes, I was “sucked in” like a line-of-coke up Charlie Sheen’s nostril. Yeppers, I was hooked.…

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How a Florida Keys Woman Became a World-Class Copywriter With Zero Copywriting-Education Or Training Whatsoever!

Would you like to be a “world class” marketer… …or copywriter? Then pay very close attention to this: The late great Gary Halbert (legendary copywriter) made history when he wrote a 500-word-sales- letter (the coat of arms letter) from his kitchen table that went on to be mailed for more than 30 years and, was…

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The Most Underrated Force In The World

Today… ….I’m gonna “drop science” on WHY good habits are so powerful. Yes!….. I’m gonna talk about good-habits AGAIN. Yeah, I know….”enough already”, right? WRONG! Listen Pookie… …If all this talk of good-habits is boring you… …. you should stretch forth thy index-finger, and click thee away. Cuz this baby’s gonna be chock-full of daily-habit…

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The Most Stupid Thing Ever Said By Marketers

“Build it and they will come” I’m sure you’ve heard that saying before, right? Actually, I think it’s a misquote from the movie Field Of Dreams. In any case, it’s often thrown around in the “context” of marketing. People seem to really love that saying. I get it. It’s poetic. The thought of creating a…

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How To Go From a Slimy Spammer To a Masterful Marketer

I tell ya… …these days everyone’s an “internet marketer”, or allowing one to sleep on their couch. True eh? And guess what most internet marketers are selling? Give up? I’ll tell ya…. ……they’re selling INFORMATION. Yep, they’re selling some type of info-product or training course. Huh? Do I think “information” is a good thing to…

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How To Get On Father Time’s Good Side

There’s an old sports adage that sayeth: “Father Time is undefeated” Meaning that age catches up and eventually defeats all athletes. And do you know what? When it comes to “life” in general, Father Time gets the last laugh also (We all eventually die). Is this brightening up your day so far? Heh-heh…don’t worry, this…

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The Real Secret To Success

Today… …I give unto thee… …the REAL “secret” to success. What was that? Did I just hear you scoff, Pookie? Hmm. Your lack of faith disturbs me. Howzabout you get to the end of this here message and then comment. Fair play? Methinks you’ll change your tune. But… if you get to the end of…

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