The ‘Donnie Brasco Marketing’ Method

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  Did you know.... ....that even today, the FBI maintains that there are 5 major organised-crime-families still operating in New York City? Yep, it's true. Sure, they're not the powerful force they once were back in the 50's, 60's and 70's, but they're still there. Anyway... ...One of those 5 crime-families is the Bonanno family. And, back in ... [Continue Reading]

Push-Button Selling

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Howz going? Today... ...I'm gonna share with you one of the most powerful marketing lessons a marketer can ever learn. I learnt this from listening to a very rare and old recording of the late great Gary Halbert (a legendary direct marketer). In that audio, Gary shared a little story that contained the oh-so important marketing-lesson I'm sharing with you ... [Continue Reading]

Customer-Service Lesson From a ‘World Class Butler’ That Every Online-Marketer Should Heed


  Once upon a time... ...there was a guy named Bruce Pullman. Bruce was a dentist. Yep, that's right, his professional name was Dr Pullman. After another stressful week of having his hands in other people's mouths, Bruce thought it would be a good idea to have a little night out on the town with his friends to unwind. So he calls his four closest ... [Continue Reading]

Are You a Borg Marketer Or a Djokovic Marketer?


  Remember Bjorn Borg? You know, the charismatic tennis champion from Sweden who dominated tennis in the late seventies, and early eighties. Yeah, him! Well... ...If you're not a sports fan, then you probably don't know this little story: Bjorn Borg stunned the sports world when he retired at the early age of 26. Borg retired at the peak of ... [Continue Reading]

How To Stop Your Business From Getting Bullied And Humiliated In The Marketplace


  My youngest daughter, Holly (8 years old)... ..comes home from school the other day and says: "Daddy (so and so) hit me in the face today!" I say: "Did you hit her back?" She says: "No". I say: "Listen, sweetheart, if you don't hit her back, she will KEEP ON hitting you, because by NOT hitting back, you're telling her that it's OK to ... [Continue Reading]

Why I Write My Marketing-Content While Driving


Yes... ..I really do write my market-content while driving. Sometimes I even write my content while taking a shower. Those places are MUCH more conducive to the creative process of "writing". You know, writing at your office desk is one of the WORST places you could possibly write. Sure, I edit my content at my office desk, but the actual "writing" of emails ... [Continue Reading]

Bribes All Packed And Ready To Go


What does someone like your-righteous-self do to unwind? Some people like to surf, play golf or go out with friends and have a few drinks. Well, good for them! Personally, I think these "people of leisure" should leave all that stuff alone, and get-the-hell BACK TO WORK! Sorry, what did you say? You think I'm coming across a little bitter? A little ... [Continue Reading]

Does Your Sales Pitch Have a Slippery Foundation?


In my very short drum-career (18 months)... ....I was fortunate enough to play a few one-off gigs for some popular Australian artists. One gig I'll NEVER forget, was a charity-gig at Melbourne's Regent Theatre. I was playing for Paul Kelly , and was excited to be playing for an established and successful-artist, in a nice venue for a change, instead of playing for ... [Continue Reading]

Don’t Be Green When It Comes To Makin’ The Green


Q. What's the first thing a drummer says at work? A. Would you like fries with that? Q. What do you call a drummer who breaks up with his girlfriend? A. Homeless. Funny but true (mostly). Why the drummer jokes? Well, cuz today I'm gonna "drop science" on marketing by taking two different drummers and putting their drum careers under the "marketing ... [Continue Reading]

Rehab For Information Junkies?


Let me tell you a little tale: One day, back in the early 1900's... ...Henry Ford was sitting down having his morning coffee while reading the Chicago Tribune. And, he read something that made his bum-hairs prickle. You see, at that time, Henry had just won a court-case that allowed his company to compete in the automotive market, and some over zealous ... [Continue Reading]