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A Sales Wizard And His Magical Pen


There’s this guy….

….who for nearly 4 decades – the 30′s till the 70″s –  dominated the direct marketing world like a boss.

He was the 800-pound-gorilla in the industry that nobody could out sell.

His  frustrated competitors (copywriters) watched on with breathless envy.

I mean…this guy could sell a comb to a bald man.

He was hailed “the greatest copywriter of all time

Yup, he did it with the power of words.

Words that persuade.

Words that cause emotion.

Words that sell.

His sales-letters told mesmerizing stories, had air-tight logic and made a reader lust after the product he was selling so bad…the just had to buy.

And buy they did!

I mean, the man was a genius – he could disprove gravity.

Now think about this:

What if you could pick this “master of a salesman’s” brain..and…suck out (sounds zombie-like doesn’t it?) every last ounce of priceless wisdom from his uber successful career that spans over 40 years?

Or drill deep down into his sales psychology and draw out all his “psychological triggers” and secrets that spawned all those sales?

Or discover how he came up with all his neck-snapping headlines?

Well guess what Chief?

You can!

You see, the guy I’m talking about has long since passed on, but fortunately…he penned down his secrets.

Oh yeah, you probably want to know his name.

His name is Victor O. Schwab.

And o’l Vic wrote a book called How To Write A Good Advertisement.

It’s a treasure trove of knowledge.

It reveals his most closely-guarded battle-tested secrets that’ll will make you alotta bank.

You truly are getting his exact methodology on a silver platter.

If you sell anything at all – online, offline, sideline – go hunt this book down.

You know if I said, this book was extremely hard to get, and there’s only a few left in print and so forth, you would want this book even more.

But cha know what?

It is actually very easy to get.

If you want to get your greedy little hands on it, just go to Amazon.


Read it.

Apply it.

Get money!

Good times.


Kelvin Dorsey

Just Read It

just read it

Have you heard this before? ;

“Reading on the toilet gives you hemorrhoids” 

What utter rubbish!

Constipation maybe, but reading?

What a joke.

You know, it seems to me most people go around looking for reasons NOT to read.

Stuff like:

Don’t read with poor lighting, or…don’t read in the car, or…I prefer audio.

Aw, poor little possums.


Non-readers have more excuses than a pregnant nun for not picking up a book and reading it.

I just don’t get it.

You have more than 80% of the population struggling financially, more and more sick people, relationship breakdowns, struggling small business owners…and..98% of them will never ever pick up a book to find some knowledge that would help their situation.

Now here’s a good time to throw in a favorite Mark Twain quote of mine:

“The man who does not read has no advantage over the man who cannot read”.

Hear, hear! Mr Twain.

In my books (excuse the pun) it’s a mortal sin to stumble-bum you way through life when there are solutions to pretty much every problem, written down somewhere in a book.

We live in the freakin’ information -age for crying out loud.

But alas…

…you can lead a person to the library, but you can’t make him read.

And that’s the other thing…books today are just one lazy-finger-click away…and… you can carry a whole library around in a teenie-weenie book-shelf-thingy called a Kindle.

It doesn’t get much easier than that.

But until someone comes up with a way to gain specific knowledge by just popping a pill – you could call it “knowledge in a pill” – where absolutely NO reading is required, I can’t see this situation changing.

Am I meaning to go on a big rant here about reading?

Damn straight I am.


…being a reader is like getting a 40 meter head start at a 100 meter race.

It’s the ultimate leg up.

Cuz when you know more you can do more.

And YOU my learned friend…seeing your reading this right now, and your one of my loyal subscribers…you’re probably looking for more books to read, right?

I knew it.

Awrighty then…

…knowing that you’re into sales and marketing and making mucho bucks, here a more books of choice:

(a delightful romp through the world of marketing for the mind)

(1) Tested Advertising Methods ~ John Caples

(2) How To Write A Good Advertisement ~ Victor O. Schwab

(3) How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers ~ Craig Garber

(4) Winning Through Intimidation ~ Robert Ringer

(5) How I Raised Myself From Failure To Success In Selling ~ Frank Bettger


Go get ‘em!


Kelvin Dorsey

Too Many Chumps And Not Enough Champs


Story time!

Dan Kennedy (legendary direct marketer and speaker) tells a funny story -

I’m sure it wasn’t at the time – about an embarrassing incident that happened to him while speaking at a seminar.

This was when Dan was cutting-his-teeth on the speaking-circuit and trying to “make a name for himself”.

The seminar Dan was holding was on wealth-creation and marketing.

Here’s what happened:

While Dan was on a coffee break chatting to some of the attendees, Dan noticed something happening across the road.

Something that caused a cold-chill to run down his spine.

What Dan saw was a rather zealous repo guy towing away a car.

But not just any old car…HIS car!

Kennedy’s now about as nervous as Mike Tyson at a spelling bee.

Yup, Dan Kennedy’s car is getting repossessed right in front of the seminar for all to see.

But the quick-thinking Kennedy says:

(in a loud voice to ensure the seminar attendees hear it)

“Hey, my car detailer is here!”

And to make it look like it really was a car detail job, he boogies across the street, takes out his wallet and hands the repo guy $200 bucks.

The repo guy can’t believe his luck.

This was probably the first and the only time in history, that a repossession-agent has been given a tip.

Now, that’s a pretty amusing story isn’t it?

But…there really is a valuable lesson to be gleaned.

And it’s this:

All successful people “back themselves”.

Bethink oneself this:

Kennedy is giving “wealth creation” advice at a time where he was obviously having financial troubles of his own.

Some would call this unethical or lacking integrity.

I call it having chutzpah.

You know, big clanging ballz.

You see, only someone who sees themselves as a success could do that.

Kennedy might have been broke, but he wasn’t poor.

Being broke is temporary.

Being poor is permanent.

Cuz if you see yourself as poor, you’ll always be broke.

Boy oh boy, I’m throwing down some gold here!

Are you picking up what I’m putting down?



Successful people back themselves no matter how much of a soup-sandwich they get thrown.

They always believe in the long run they’ll come out smelling roses.

And with stunning regularity…they do.

Know this:

If you don’t have faith in yourself, nobody…and…I mean NOBODY…will have faith in you either.

When things get tough, most folk are like a shiver looking for a spine to crawl up.

Now I’m not saying to walk around like you have a S on your chest, but backing yourself when things get tough is what separates the champs from the chumps.

Now listen…

…whatever it is that your little heart desires to accomplish, you CAN do it.

Just remember…

Back yourself. Back yourself. Back yourself.

Wow, this was one “cheerleader” type message wasn’t it?

But you know what?

I meant every single word of it.

Done I am.


Kelvin Dorsey

Ya Gotta Get Web-Cred Yo!



Gonna get straight down to bidness today yo.

Todays topic is:

How to get respect and credibility in the marketplace (online, for us internet marketers).

Before I drop-science on the above mentioned, let me dive into the set-up.

Does there always have to be a set up?

The answer:

Yes homie…there does.

So let’s dive in.

Most Sunday afternoons at 4 pm, I head to the local squash court and play a round robin tournament with the other squash members.

And what I find interesting with the sport squash – at least this local club anyway – is that it attracts a lot of succesful businessmen and entrepreneurs.

Throw in a few lawyers and a brain-surgeon to boot.

That’s right, last weekend I played against a brain-surgeon.

Did I beat him?

Ooh, yes I did.

Let me tell ya, for a brain-surgeon, he played some really dumb shots.


…ya should see the eye-protection this brain-surgeon wears while playing – it’s almost a perspex bucket he puts on his head.

Yes, yes, I know…he has to protect his precious eyes, but seriously…wearing that thing?

Funny stuff.

Anyway, enuff about the brain-surgeon.

Now, where was I?

Oh yeah…

Now look, I’m not saying they’re ALL successful at this squash club, but there’s certainly a lot of them for such a small group of guys.

Here’s something else that’s interesting:

Of ALL the guys at the squash club, who do you think gains MOST of the respect from all these men?

Is it the super smart brain-surgeon? (I wont mention him again, I promise), or is it the property-developer who drives the latest Porsche Boxster?

Or is it the big silver-back alpha male who parades around the club like he owns the joint?

Or is is the richest guy at the club?


….it is NONE of those guys.

The guy that gets all the respect and admiration from all the other men is…

...the best player.

That’s right Pookie, the guy with the most cred at the local squash club is the guy that everyone wants to play or try to beat.

He’s the guy they all (including me) watch play with breathless envy and admiration.


Cuz it’s all about squash. We all go to play squash, and no other reason.

So, he who doeth squash best….has the most cred.

So how does this help you?

Well… if your marketing online and trying to brand yourself as someone to follow and someone to buy your products from, you must have credibility.

And respect and credibility comes when you do what you do… well.

So well, that people stop and take notice.

It’s like the Steve Martin quote:

“Be so good they can’t ignore you”.

And the good news is…with so many moron marketers online today, it’s not that hard-a-dance to stand out and be credible.

Do you wanna know a secret to becoming good…damn good at something?

You do?

Are you sure?

You may not like my answer, but here it is:

Spend at least one hour a day learning about….and…perfecting your craft.

So how’d ya like them apples?

Look…do this for just three months and your head and shoulders above the lame-brain competition.

Most marketers online don’t take their business seriously.

They drink the guru kool-aid.

They copy and swipe.

Have no original thought.

They’re all batter, no fish.

So…bottom line…

…to get respect and credibility online….be damn good at what you do.

Remember this:

You’ll only get fame when there’s no shame to ya game.

Aight…be easy.


Kelvin Dorsey