Can I Asketh Thou a Favor?


If you recently bought my new book on (Damn Good Advice For Email Marketers) can I ask you a favor?

Would you be so kind as to submit a review?

I know, I know…the thought of submitting a review on Amazon is hardly appealing.

So, let’s see if I can’t make it somewhat enticing.

Here’s the dealio:

If you can give two minutes of your time (by submitting a review), I will give you over 5 hours of some of the most valuable marketing and sales audio you could ever get your hands on.

Here are the Audios I will send you for submitting a review:


Audio #1 Frank Kern’s Ultimate Offer Formula (You’ll wanna listen to this multiple times!)

Audio #2 Frank Kern interviews Dan Kennedy. (Glean marketing and sales insights from to Marketing Titans.

Audio #3 Tony Robins and Frank Kern help a jeweler turn his so-so offer into a great offer. Easily applied to any business.

Audio #4 A-list copywriter Richard Armstrong reviews the copywriting classic: My Life In Advertising by Claude Hopkins (Claude Hopkins is the grand poobah of advertising and direct mail. If this was the only book you ever read on sales and marketing, you’d still be light years ahead of the average biz owner today.)

Audio #5 Parris Lampropolous Interview (Parris Lampropolous is one of today’s most successful A-list copywriters today. He also has one of the sharpest marketing minds on the planet. People have to pay this guy thousands of dollars to hear the stuff that’s contained in this audio.)

Audio #6 Jon Taffer from the TV show Bar Rescue speaks to Google (Jon Taffer is a plenty smart dude and the business insights he reveals in this will put money in your bank. End of story. Jon has an insight into human nature and psychology the likes of which I’ve never seen. Trust me; you’ll love this one!)

Audio #7 The Essentials of Productivity and Implementation For Entrepreneurs (This is a Dan Kennedy production. Need I say more?)

Audio #8 Dan KennedyHow To Charge Your Clients More

Audio #9 Eban Pagan’s Top 10 Rules For Success


That’s all yours for just submitting a one or two sentence book review right here: Submit review

You know, to be honest, I really do hate asking for reviews. I feel like a real schmuck.

So please forgive me for asking.

Hopefully, those audios will keep me in your good graces, eh?

Oh yeah, just hit reply to this email and let me know if you’ve left a review and I’ll send you the audios pronto!




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