Awright, Enough Monkey Business, Let’s Get Real

One can succeed at almost anything for which he has enthusiasm.” ~ Charles M. Schwab


This is especially true of sales. (email marketing)

I’ve heard it said that every sale comes down to a transfer of enthusiasm from the seller to the customer.

I believe that ‘s very true.

Listen, if you wanna succeed at email marketing, you first need to be excited about your product or service.

If you’re not, find something you can get excited about.

I’m serious.

You can’t fake enthusiasm.

Most email marketer’s enthusiasm for their product or service is about as sincere as Jimmy Fallen’s laugh.

However, being excited about your product or service is no guarantee of success.

Not even close.

You see, you can be deliriously excited about your product and service, but if you don’t know how to promote and sell your product or service, you’ll forever struggle to grow your business.

You know, there’s a lot of zealous and passionate biz owners who are clueless about sales and marketing, and as a result, they crash and burn.

They’re like a monkey in a cockpit.


There is one thing all highly successful entrepreneurs/business owners have in common.

And that ‘one thing’ is this:

An enthusiasm for sales and marketing.

Yes, my friend, they are enthusiastic about WHAT they sell, but they are just as (if not more) enthusiastic about learning HOW to sell it.

Look, there’s no way around it; if you want your subscribers to be just as excited about your product or service as you are, you must become excited about sales and marketing.

Now, if you are struggling (or at least not improving your results) with email marketing, I guarantee you’re not really excited about email marketing.

Think about it:

The things you are truly excited about, you give it time and attention, right?  And when you give something time and attention, that thing will grow and flourish.

What was that?

You say you are into email marketing, but when you sit down to write a promotional email you feel like a monkey in a cockpit?


Well, that’s easily fixed.

Just swing over here: The Maverick’s Email Playbook

Guess what?

I can’t think of anything else to tell you.

So, I guess I’ll just sign off.

Hey, hope ya doin’ well.

I’ll check in on ya soon.



Email Marketing Maverick