Build Up Your Email Stamina and Avoid Email Dysfunction

“When a man is on the right path, he must persevere.” ~ P T Barnum


They say a person needs to be exposed to a product or service at least 7 times before they consider buying.

I don’t know if that’s true or not, but what I do know is this:

In general, people take a helluva lot more exposure than you’d expect.

Hear this:

Selling by email is not a one-time event.

No siree!

It’s a process.

Before a subscriber buys from you, they must first trust you; and trust is built over time.

If you want your subscribers to know, like, and trust you, then you’d better be prepared to send a LOT of emails, Pookie.

It’s about consistency.

But alas, when it comes to sending out consistent emails, the average biz owner is more unreliable than an old-timer’s erection (that’ll get me a few unsubscribes, you watch)

Look, the bear bottom line here is this:

Biz owners who quit email marketing are losing business to those biz owners who persevere. I know that’s hardly a Nobel Prize-winning idea, but damn it, it needs to be said.

Okay Kelvin, so how long should I keep sending emails to my subscribers?

That’s a great question, however, you’re NOT gonna like my answer.

Here’s my answer:

Until they buy or die!

Told ya.

Now, hear me out.

I know a lot of biz owners struggle to write one promotional email, let alone writing multiple emails every week.

I get it.

Asking the average biz owner to write multiple emails every week is like asking a dude who’s color blind and riddled with ADHD to solve the Rubik’s Cube – they’re just not equipped to do it.

Well, guess what?

My subscribers have no such excuse.


Because there’s this:

The Maverick’s Email Playbook.