Content Ideas For The Creatively Impaired (Part 3)


Is it just me or are these “content idea” emails getting a little tiresome?

Is there something else you would like me to write about?

Let me know, would you?

Hmm, come to think of it, maybe I’m just tired of writing them.

Okay, here’s the deal:

I’ll write two more of these type emails, and then I’ll get back to writing about sex, drugs and rock and roll (i.e., cool sales and marketing lessons).

Alright, enough preamble.

Here is today’s content idea:

I call it the “outside your industry” email.

This is where you write about something totally unrelated to your field of endeavor and relate it back to your industry. For this example, I will talk about productivity. (Note: The example is selling a physiotherapy service, but look to see how you can apply this email idea to your unique situation, ok?)

Check it out, Pookie.


Subject line: The #1 killer of Productivity


Listen up:

Brian Tracy, Tim Ferris and all the other productivity gurus all wax lyrical about the biggest productivity killers.

They all claim that the #1 biggest productivity killer is email!

Well, guess what?

They are ALL wrong!

That’s right, I, Dr. John (a physiotherapist) says, Thee Nay!

Before you scoff, and say, how can a physiotherapist so arrogantly discredit all those productivity experts, please hear me out.

Sure, email can be a big productivity killer, right alongside the following: Facebook, YouTube, cell phones/texting, and meetings.

However, these things pale in comparison to what I consider to be the numero uno productivity killer.

OK, so what do I consider to be the #1 killer of productivity?



That’s right, I’m talking about physical pain.


I don’t care how organized and focused you are; if when you sit down at your desk to work and a spear of white-hot pain shoots up your spine…

…You Ain’t Getting Any Work Done!

You know, not a single day goes by without me witnessing firsthand the havoc ‘pain’ wreaks on a person’s productivity.

On a daily basis, I hear patients say things like the following:

“Dr. John, I haven’t got any real work done since my neck started hurting. It feels like I’ve got a vice clamped around my neck.”

Or…”I can’t focus or concentrate with this pain.”

The struggle is definitely real.

Look, fighting off interruptions and distractions at work is one thing, fighting off physical pain in your body is another thing entirely.

And if your solution to physical pain is to scarf down pain-relief pills like they’re Skittles, I urge you to reconsider that course of action.

Not only is that option (pain medication) a band-aid solution, it also carries with it many dangerous side effects which affect the brain and body.

No, what you want to do is get to the REAL source of the pain.

Once the source of the pain has been identified the REAL solution can begin.

You know, sometimes people put up with headaches, and aches and pains for so long the almost accept the pain as being normal.

But here’s the thing:

All productivity comes down to being able to have a single focus on the task at hand. And if you’re putting up with a distracting pain or ache, whether you realize it or not, you are sabotaging your own productivity.

Let me finish this email with this:

There’s nothing more conducive to productivity than….

….A Pain Free-Free Body!


Here’s to a pain-free life!


Dr. John Handler


Geez, for an example, that was a darn good email, dontcha think?

I’m glad you agree.

Now, hear this:

Most of my subscribers will read this email and think, “Oh goodie, an outside your industry type email, I must try that one sometime.”

But if you are one of my more discerning subscribers, you’ll see the real value and depth of application in that example.

And that being this:

The art of taking something totally unrelated and tying it to whatever it is you’re promoting.

You see, if you can learn to do that, you will never run out of content ideas.

Yes, my friend, mastering the art of connecting two seemingly unrelated things will give you the master key to creativity. It will open up to you a world of unlimited ideas and possibilities.

But how exactly do you do that?

Ah, another excellent question.

Well, here’s how:

You buy my Playbook, go to the chapter on content ideas where I give you my exact methodology for coming up with content ideas, and you apply everything you learn therein.

Simple, huh?

Yup, even if you have the creativity of a house brick, you’ll soon have ideas coming out your ying yang!

To find out more, sneak on over yonder: The Maverick’s Email Playbook To Doubling Your Sales

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Talk soon.



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