Content Ideas For The Creatively Impaired (Part 4)

Dear friend and subscriber,

Here’s part 4. (And again, I’m using a physiotherapist service to illustrate this type of email. Hey, would you like me to use your business for an example? Well, would ya? I’m not gonna make any promises, but if I get a decent response, I think it’d be a neat idea. Just tell me what it is your promoting and we’ll see.)

Alrighty, let’s get to it.

Here is today’s content idea:

Content idea: “Funny things my patients say”

Now, like I said in previous emails, all these content ideas are to spark ideas in your own noodle.

For example, you could write an email about any funny thing that happens in your industry. You could write about funny things you observe people doing in your line of work, or funny things your customers or prospects do or say? What are some funny things you have done? Write about that.



Here’s an example:

Subject line: Funny things my patients say


There’s a question I often get asked.

It goes something like this:

Hey John, what do you do to de-stress after work? Dealing with all those people in pain all day, you must get fairly tense, huh?

Here’s what I tell them:

“Are you kiddin’? I’m laughin’ my gluteus maximus off half the day. You should hear some of the things my patients say.”

Well, guess what?

I thought it would be fun to share some of those with you.

So, I will.

The following are actual comments made by my patients.

Check ’em out:

  • “I’m having an autopsy (biopsy) later today.”
  • “I didn’t fall, it was more a controlled landing.”
  • When asked: What seems to be the problem? “I have a pain in my groin, plus I think I have an STD.”
  • When asked to rate the pain out of 10: “About 20.”
  • When asked to describe the pain: “It’s like a zombie with no teeth is gnawing at the back of my head.”

And now for my favorite:

  • “Whatever you do, please don’t touch me.” (they were serious, too)

Ah yes, never a dull moment.

Now, I’ll share one last story before I go.

One patient last week who had severe back pain, due to him being extremely overweight, said to me:

“Dr. John, the problem is that obesity runs in our family.”

I replied: “No, the problem is that no one runs in your family.”

You likey?

Don’t worry, that last story was just a joke.

Well anyway, I hope this email brought a smile to your face.

And remember, we only get one body, so look after it.

Or…I guess you can always live recklessly and book more sessions with me!

I recommend the former.


Dr. John Handler


Whatcha think of that one, eh?


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