The Maverick’s Copywriting Class Is In Session (book#8)

Dear friend and subscriber…

Take a seat and listen up.

I’m about to reveal to you one of the most powerful copywriting secrets you can ever learn.


Not knowing this copywriting secret (or using it ineffectively) is the single biggest reason why most sales messages fail.

But once you know this secret, it will feel like you’ve been handed the keys to the copywriting kingdom. Yes indeed, once it’s revealed to you, a whole new world of money making opportunities will open up to you.

Copywriting will cease to be a mystery and will become as clear as day.

And sitting down to write sales copy will no longer seem like such a struggle. In fact, it will feel like second nature.

Not only will this secret demystify copywriting and bring you great clarity, it will also dramatically increase the potency of your sales copy a hundredfold.

Eugene Schwartz, who is considered to be one of the greatest copywriters to ever walk the earth, deployed this copywriting secret in all his most successful sales letters.

Eugene was known for his incredibly potent sales copy, and, I believe, it’s because Eugene used this secret better than almost any other copywriter. He truly had it down to a science.

You see, it was actually Eugene Schwartz who first gave this copywriting secret a name and brought it to the attention of the elite copywriting fraternity.

Listen, when you find out what this secret is, you’ll be amazed at how subtle and under the radar this secret is. And perhaps that is what makes this secret so powerful and so incredibly effective.

In fact, I’ve been using this very secret in the first 14 lines of this email.

If you’re a copywriting hepcat, then perhaps you’ve already identified the secret.

Tell me, are you just a little curious to know this secret?

Would you be upset if told you I’m not going to disclose this secret?

Don’t worry, I wouldn’t do that to you!

Well, at least not today anyway.

OK, Ok, enough teasing.

I will now reveal the secret.

The copywriting secret is called: “Intensification” (That term was coined by Eugene Schwartz back in the earlier 1960’s.)

Alrighty, so here’s the full skinny on “intensification”(see what I did there?)

Basically, “intensification” is where you take a desire you know your readers have and you magnify that desire into a white-hot fever pitch.

You see, I know for a fact most of my subscribers have a desire to improve their copywriting (and so they should.) However, a person’s desire is vague, fuzzy and ambiguous at best. And it will remain so if you don’t give it some focus and direction.


Your reader’s ‘desire’ needs to be focused and channelled onto something. Without a clear vision or goal, a desire will remain a fraction of its potential power.

But know this:

A person’s desire can be increased by the stacking of words and images.

Your job as a salesperson in print (copywriter), is to take your reader’s vague desire and give it focus and direction by using concrete images that show your reader every way possible that their desire can be fulfilled by purchasing your product or service. You wanna give your reader one vivid picture after another, layer upon layer. Keep stacking benefit upon benefit in the most concrete and dramatic way. Let your reader see (in minute detail) everything he/she stands to win or stands to lose.

The sharper you can paint your pictures (of your product’s benefits), and the more pictures you present one after another, the more your reader will desire your product or service.

Have you ever burnt an ant or a piece of paper by using the sun’s light through a magnifying glass?

Well, it’s the same concept with “intensification”.

You see, when you’re burning that little ant, sorry, I mean piece of paper with a magnifying glass, you are not creating the sun light but rather harnessing the sunlight by focusing the light into a single point. And the longer you focus the light on that single point, the more the heat intensifies.

And so it is with this copywriting technique.

I didn’t create the desire in my subscribers to learn copywriting, but by golly, I can harness that desire and intensify it.

Yes indeedy, each new vivid scene I gave you intensified your desire.

And Pookie, that’s what you must do with your subscriber’s main desire.

Focus on it and intensify it.

The multiple pictures stacked on top of each other, acts as a type of magnify glass which, when done well, will cause the reader’s money…

…To Burn a Hole In Their Pocket!

Look, I could chew your ear, arm and leg off about this copywriting technique, but I think you’re catching on.

So I’m gonna finish up here.

Hey, wadya think of that lesson?

Lemme tell you, if that didn’t tickle your copywriting -bones, you’re too hard to please.

Now, let’s move on to somethi…..

Hey, did you hear that?

That’s the sound of bullets.

That’s right, I’m going to give you another sneak peak of what’s inside my Email Playbook.

Here’s a small taste of what’s inside:

  • * How to get your subscribers to see you as a friend and not a money-grubbing-marketer.
  • * A scientifically proven way to activate your reader’s whole brain. (Fact: most information is processed using one part of the brain – the Broca’s area. However, there’s a way to present information which triggers multiple areas of the reader’s brain. Here’s how…)
  • * The idiotic mistake most email marketers make with their email copy. (If you make this blunder, well, what can I say…you’re dead in the water!)
  • * Claude Hopkin’s secret to making your product claims 100% believable.
  • * The simple “Goldilocks and The Three Bears” test. (If you pass this test, then you have a HUGE advantage over others when it comes to selling.)
  • * A proven “persuasion technique” used by the greatest con artists of all time such as Charles Ponzi and Frank Abagnale. (And how to use it ethically in your promotional emails.)
  • * The “cuddle hormone” secret to getting your subscribers to really like you. (Writing emails this way actually causes your reader’s brain to release a surge of oxytocin. This is the chemical released when people snuggle up or bond socially or even playing with their pet dog. Full scoop inside.)
  • * The deadly (yet common) mistake marketers make with their emails that turn off subscribers and almost guarantees they never buy from you.
  • * The “persuasion secret” of a criminal defense attorney who hasn’t lost a civil case since 1969. (Yes, you read that correctly. And once you learn this secret you’ll never try and persuade someone any other way.)
  • * How to instantly double the potency and impact of your email copy. (I know, that sounds like hyperbole, but trust me, it ain’t. Just follow this one piece of advice and…well, you’ll see for yourself.)
  • * Why I study old English
  • * The Ray Kroc method for marketing a business – applied directly to email.
  • * A little-known (and incredibly effective) way to advertise a service business.
  • * How to tap a little quirk in human-nature for maximum sales.
  • * How to start an email. (Plus a ton of intro examples)
  • * How to write the body copy of a promotional email (Plus, plenty of body copy examples.)
  • * How to plug your product or service in your emails. (Yup, with lots of examples inside.)

BTW, writing bullet after bullet like I just did there, is another excellent way to use “intensification”.

Geez, can you believe I’m giving you all this copywriting education for FREE?

I can’t.

Hey listen, before I go, if you’re wanting to improve your copywriting and you haven’t yet bought my Headline Swipe File…

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