Off The Cuff Ain’t Enuff


Behold a marvelous observation:

The only people who win by accident are gamblers.

In business, sport, or any other endeavor for that matter, winning depends entirely on preparation and intention.

For example, golfer Sergio Garcia didn’t accidentally win the Masters any more than Chris Brown accidentally beat up Rihanna.


Winning is done through intention.

But most of all, winning is done through preparation.

But sadly, as the famous basketball coach Bobby Knight once said, “Everybody has the will to win; few people have the will to prepare to win.”

So what?

What’s all this got to do with email marketing?

It has EVERYTHING to do with email marketing, Buckwheat.

If you dare to get the lion’s share, you gotta prepare.

Do you think I sit down and start writing my emails off the cuff?

It ain’t so.

You see, winning in email marketing is no different to winning in sport.

All things being equal, it’s what an athlete does off the field and right before a match that will ultimately determine the result.

It’s no different concerning email.

You know, there are a few crucial things I do when I’m not working (writing email copy) that help me write better email copy.

One of those activities I do while driving, having a shower, or while I’m watching TV. Doing this one thing guarantees I always have an abundance of content ready to go.

Another activity involves a few little-known websites. These websites have proven to be a goldmine for me.

Another activity I perform which makes my email copy dramatically more persuasive involves a little yellow book. I now have three of these yellow books, and lemme tell you, they make a world of difference in terms of boosting reader engagement.

But there’s also a checklist I go through before I type a single word. These activities only take minutes to do, but they make writing emails a snap.

OK, enough about the wonderfulness of my email preparation.

Let’s talk about you.

What do YOU think of my email preparation?

Do you think all this yapping on about email preparation is ballyhoo?

Fair enuff.

You are entitled to your misguided opinion.

For those of you who ARE interested in how I go about preparing to write emails that bring in the green, clicketh thou index finger here: The Maverick’s Email Playbook


You know, sometimes I wonder if I’m a narcissist or if I really am awesome.





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