Sales Copy Software Update – Install Now – Remind Me Later


Remember the 80’s?

Life was great back then, wasn’t it?

I tell ya…I miss the 80’s like Tiger Woods misses his little black book.

Sure, I was a punk kid with no responsibilities who happily consumed all my parent’s resources to my greedy little heart’s content, but that’s not why I yearn for the 80’s.


You see, what I really yearn for is the simplicity we had in that glorious decade. 

I mean, we had cassette recorders, Sony walkmans, TVs with one simple dial and a volume button (beautiful in its simplicity), stereo systems and video players.

And I (and everyone else) could actually operate them.

But guess what was best about those 80’s devices?

Once you bought them…

….You NEVER Had to Update Their Software!

Not once.

Not ever.

You see, In the 80’s, tech engineers got it right the first time.

But alas…

We have long left the analog world and have been ushered (I’ve been dragged kicking and screaming) into the digital world.

And now, we live in the world of the software engineer. 

And these software engineers would have to be the most incompetent bunch of professionals ever. These software engineers can’t get anything right the first time. And it’s us who really suffers from their complete and utter incompetence.They are forever “updating” (Interpretation: fixing up their screw-ups) and releasing newer versions of their software on our devices, aren’t they?

If I got a dollar for every time I received a software update notification on my iPhone, computer or Apple TV, I’d have enough money to buyout both Apple and Microsoft and tell all their software engineers to find a box, pack their stuff and go kick rocks. (How sweet the fantasy!)

You know, the modern day software engineer has become the new telemarketer.

Except it’s not just the annoying interruption at dinner time, it’s ALL the freakin’ time!

But we need these “software updates” for our devices to work, so they really have us all by the balls, don’t they?


I call B.S. on all these update pop-ups.

You see, because I hate computers, and would rather have a vasectomy than tend to all those update notifications, I just ignore them.

And guess what?

Everything works just fine.

In fact, it’s when I try and respond to these pointless notifications that my computer comes to a grinding halt.

Now, I bet some tech geek who lines up outside an Apple store every time Apple releases a new product will write me and say, Kelvin, these software updates help protect your computer and fix all the bugs, and optimize the performance of blah blah blah.


I’m not gonna update them, and I’m gonna keep ignoring them, OK?

Look, I may be completely wrong about all this updating software stuff (If I am please do not inform me), but guess what?

Here’s something I do know:

You should ALWAYS be updating and upgrading your communication skills.

And when it comes to communicating in a sales message (especially email marketing), here’s what I’ve noticed:

Most marketers are still marketing like it’s the 80’s.

And they wonder why their response is so poor.

Actually, to be more accurate, their response is downright laughable.

Have you ever watched one of your favorite shows from the 80’s recently?

They all (except for the TV sitcom Cheers) seem kinda laughably now, don’t they?

Why is this?

It’s simple.

As a  society, we are always growing and evolving. What seems cool and great now will probably be considered cheesy, or corny in 20 years time. And so it is with marketing. What was once considered good and effective marketing in the 80’s, simply does not work in today’s over-saturated and over-marketed world. Nowadays, if a prospect gets even a whiff of a sales pitch, they scatter like an arcade ghost being chased by a pellet powered Pac Man.

So what is a marketer to do?

Here’s what: 

You must update and upgrade your sales copy software.

In other words, you must approach your sales copy in a new way.

But how, exactly?

I’m glad you asked.

Well, let me tell you what I’ve been doing for the last four years, you know, with all that time I get by ignoring all those silly software updates.

I’ve been perfecting my email game. I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. And, I’ll be honest with you; learning how to get a stranger to hand over their hard-earned money to me online has been the most difficult challenge I’ve ever overcome. And…it’s also been the most profitable thing I’ve ever done.

Well anyway, I’ve put together an Email Marketing Playbook that lays bear, in explicit detail, my exact methodology for promoting a product or service.

It includes every hard-won sales secret I’ve learned.

If you’re interested, you can check it out here: Email Playbook To Doubling Your Sales.


I’m out.


Email Marketing Maverick