Why I Write Better Headlines Than You


Let’s talk about headlines.

Now, even if you’re a rank beginner copywriter, I’ll lay odds you already know that the headline is the most critical part of a piece of sales copy.

Am I right?

I thought so.

So, I’m not gonna flog that dead horse.

Instead, I’m going to list some ‘headline types’ that you may not be using, or may not even know about.

I’ll just go through them rat-a-tat-tat, ok?


Alrighty then.

There is:

The Listicle Headline: 99 Reasons Why You Should Heed The Email Marketing Maverick’s Advice

The Ask a Question headline: Do You Make These Mistakes On a First Date?

The What Never headline: What Never To Say To a Pregnant Woman

The Curiosity headline: Why You Should Never Freeze Your Vodka

The Straight up benefit headline: Beat The Taxman With These 5 Fully Franked Dividend Stocks

The Little-Known Way headline: The Little-Known Way To Eat Like a King For Just $10 a Week

The Sneaky Way headline: A Sneaky Way To Ensure Your Mother-In-Law Never Overstays Her Welcome

The How-To headline: How To Drive Like a Bat Out Of Hell And Never Get Speeding Tickets

The Why headline: Why All Cyclists Should Be Run Over

The Borrowed Credibility headline: Casanova’s Secret – How To Pick Up Woman Even If You’re Ugly, Short And Broke

The Story Headline: Local Bartender Develops an Amazing Cocktail That Increases Your IQ (At least, you feel a lot smarter)

The Bark a Command headline: Stop Wasting Your Time And Dime On All Those Dumbass Email Marketing Books

The Foolproof Sign headline: Could Kelvin Dorsey Be Full of It? The Foolproof Sign

The Announcement headline: The Maverick’s New Book Will Be Released In March!


How do ya like them apples?


Did you really think I was going to teach you how to write headlines without being irreverent and self-serving?

Admit it though, it made reading them a little less tedious, didn’t it?


Now, let me get serious for a moment.

I bet you often struggle to come up with the perfect headline or subject line, right?

But you shouldn’t feel bad about that; almost every marketer has a hard time with headlines and subject lines. I say “almost” because smart marketers like, yours truly, NEVER struggle with headlines.

And no, it’s not because I’m more talented than you (Well, maybe a little), but because I use a little something called a Swipe File. If ever I’m having a brain-fart with a subject line (or headline), I simply pull out my trusty ol Swipe File, scan my peepers through it, and voila…within seconds, I have a brilliant subject line idea.

But so what?

You don’t wanna hear me go on about how easy I’ve got it, right?

Well, cheer up, Buttercup, because I’m about to give you an opportunity to solve your headline and subject line problem for good.

Today, I’m giving you the chance to get your mitts on the exact Swipe File I use.

Look, if you’re sick and tired of straining your brain only to come up with so-so headlines and subject lines, then this offer is indeed a no-brainer.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on this Swipe File, then looky here: The Maverick’s Swipe File

P.S. I don’t often promote this, so if your impatient and don’t wanna wait until I feel like promoting it again, you should jump on it now.

Just sayin.




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