You’re Either Bringin’ The Heat Or You’re Draggin’ Your Feet.

Here’s a curious little fact:

Since its discovery in 1930, Pluto has traveled only a third of its way around the Sun.

Is Pluto slow?


It’s just that Pluto is so damn far away (about 5.9 billion km) from the Sun. For those of you who care: Pluto takes 248 years to orbit the Sun.

You know, a lot of marketers (especially email marketers) are just like Pluto. Here’s what I mean: These marketers work just as hard (if not harder) than any other marketer, yet they don’t seem to get anywhere.

Are these marketers slow-witted?

Look, I’m sure there’s a small percentage of marketers who are not playing with a full deck, but that’s the case in any group. No. The reason why so many marketers struggle to get anywhere with their marketing is this:

They Lack Illumination.

That’s right; they have not been illuminated by the principles of marketing and thus…

..They Are More In The Dark Than Pluto!

You see, when you’re not hip to the principles of a thing, your actions will be too far away from the actions that actually work.

And so it is with email marketing.

Without a strong grounding in the principles of marketing, it won’t matter how many emails you send; they will all ring hollow.

Do I cover these marketing principles in my Playbook?

Does Steven Seagal make bad movies?

Of course, I do, Pookie.

It’s called 12 Marketing Principles You Must Know Before You Send a Single Email, and, I believe, this segment alone is worth the price of admission.

To see what else I cover, take your peepers over here: Email Playbook


Keep on keepin’ on.

Email Marketing Maverick


P.S. I want to make damn sure you got today’s message. That message is this: Success in anything is not determined by one’s intelligence but rather how close one’s actions are to the principles of that thing.

The more aligned your marketing actions are to the principles of marketing, the more success you will have.

P.S.S. Speaking of marketing principles, I will be uploading a new book on Amazon in the next week or two. But let me issue you a word of caution: With this book, I dove so deep into the principles of marketing it will make your brain hurt.